Work, Labour & Globalisation Research Group About us

We aim to bring a range of experience and research skills to questions of work and labour within an international political economy.

New forms of labour, its transnational character and the gendered aspects of contemporary migration can provide a focus for interdisciplinary work that further explores the ways in which people commonly articulate their subjection or resistance to state and corporate policy, power and practice.

Within our study regions of Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia, across enduring geographic and post/neo-colonial spaces, and through emerging south-to-south relations, communities shape, and are shaped by, capital and labour. New spaces, values, cultures and histories are created.

Our research is based upon a range of innovative approaches to help make sense of the social dynamics dependent on the shifting sites of employment and new sites of resource extraction. While the contexts are diverse, what connects them are political landscapes embedded in changing physical environments.

Our research is critical and takes an active position in exploring the above themes at a variety of social, economic and cultural levels. By engaging with those we are researching, our agenda is both political and socially committed, and in the process a number of our non academic co-researchers have been developing with us radical forms of knowledge production. Specifically, our work addresses inequalities in power and social agency. We work with other networks who share similar objectives, ethics and methods.

Our current partners are listed on our research pages.