Participation in British Council Workshop, Novosibirsk, Siberia

From 9 to 13 February 2015 ´╗┐members of the Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Continuous Manufacturing and Crystallisation (CMAC) attended ‘Molecular Materials – from fundamentals to applications’ in Novosibirsk, Siberia. Attendees included Dr Thomas McGlone, (CMAC  PDRA, University of  Strathclyde),  Dr Karen Robertson (CMAC PDRA, University of Bath) and Adam Michalchuk (DTC, University of Edinburgh) .

This early career researcher scientific workshop was sponsored by the British Council and the RSC. It was co-organised by CMAC’s PI Prof Colin Pulham and Prof Elena Boldyreva (Novosibirsk University). 

Esteemed colleagues in this field including Prof. Sally Price (CPOSS), Prof Joel Bernstein and Prof Bill Jones (CMAC Advisory Board) were also in attendance.

Workshop focus

 The workshop looked at various aspects of research into molecular materials ranging from fundamentals to applications. The following topics were covered:

  1. Polymorphism in molecular materials – control, prediction, and implications for applications
  2. Crystallisation of molecular materials under ambient and non-ambient conditions
  3. In situ studies of molecular crystals and molecular materials – diffraction, vibrational spectroscopy, lattice dynamics
  4. Solid-state chemical reactions of molecular materials - mechanochemistry

The workshop provided a unique opportunity for sharing research expertise and networking.