If you would like to bring a group of school students to the department, or discuss any other type of visit, please contact Alan Kennedy

The Department of Pure & Applied Chemistry welcomes visits from school groups.

These can take the format of a tour of the department and laboratories, a demonstration lecture or short talk, and/or a laboratory session for pupils, depending on the numbers involved. Please note that the laboratory sessions have age and number restrictions.

In addition, the University's Open Days take place in September and October, and the Faculty hosts a series of 'Science Afternoons' (normally in March) where everyone holding an offer of study from the department is invited to visit for short talks and a tour of the department.

The department is happy to organise a tour of department and labs during working hours for anyone considering applying for one of our courses.

The Department can also organise a visit to your school to discuss careers in chemistry and the courses available, for pupils, teachers and/or parents.

The West of Scotland section of the Royal Society of Chemistry also undertakes a series of school visits to promote the study of the subject.