Top of the Bench

Top of the Bench is a national competition run by the Royal Society of Chemistry for 14-16 year old students.

Latest details can be found on the RSC website: RSC - Top of the Bench

The West of Scotland local heat is usually held at the University of Strathclyde to select a team to represent the section in the UK final.

All schools in the local area are invited to submit a team for the Glasgow heats and the winning team represents Glasgow and the West of Scotland in the final in London.

The teams should consist of pupils from S2, S3 and S4.

The heats are usually held during the autumn term, around October/November. The winning team goes forward to represent the region in London.

The final is normally held in the following March/April in London.

Prizes are given for the best overall school performance (the Top of the Bench Team) and for the five runner-up teams.

The Jacqui Clee Award is given for an outstanding individual contribution to the day.

To find out more about the next Glasgow and West of Scotland event or entering a team for the heats, please contact Dr Charlie O'Hara.