eSMART About the Project

The eSMART project aims to demonstrate the benefits for cancer patients of using a real-time, mobile phone-based remote patient monitoring system: the Advanced Symptom Management System (ASyMS).

Patients are provided with a mobile phone which contains an app where they identify and record their chemotherapy symptoms once a day. This information is then sent securely to a computer which assesses the symptoms and triggers an immediate alert to doctors or nurses if the patient requires assistance. The phone offers patients real-time information and advice on how to manage their symptoms at home, without the need to travel to hospital.

It's anticipated to greatly improve patient outcomes and delivery of care both during and after chemotherapy treatment.

Benefits to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy include:

  • reduced symptom burden
  • improved quality of life
  • informed changes in clinical practice and delivery of care

Our researchers believe that through the use of this system, chemotherapy side effects will be reduced and the identification and treatment of life-threatening side effects will be quicker when compared to current care systems.

eSMART has been granted €6 million from the European Union to fund a large trial of the system involving 1,000 patients in England, Austria, Greece, Ireland, and Norway. It's hoped this type of patient monitoring will be integrated into routine cancer care in the future.

Our partners & patients

The eSMART project involves 11 European and one American partner as well as cancer care clinicians from all partner countries.

The trial is being conducted across 12 European sites with 1108 patients being recruited. Patients are invited onto the trial, with eligibility determined by:

  • undergoing their first course of chemotherapy
  • for breast, colorectal or hematological cancers
  • planning to receive a minimum of 3 cycles of chemotherapy

The project is being advised by members of the European Cancer Patient Coalition to ensure that work is conducted in line with patients’ perspectives and needs.

eSMART will demonstrate how delivering patient-focused, anticipatory care via technology can improve outcomes for people with cancer whilst also addressing the issue of increasing demands on acute services across Europe. The following results are anticipated:

  • enhanced patient outcomes
  • improved patient quality of life
  • promotion of advances in cancer care
  • reduced social and economic barriers in cancer care
  • accelerated interoperability and collaboration across Europe
  • enhanced stimulation of the national health markets

Work packages

WP1 Integration of ASyMS within different Healthcare Systems across Europe
WP2 Demonstration of the Effects of ASyMS on Patient Outcomes during Chemotherapy Treatment
WP3 Demonstration of the Sustained Effects of ASyMS in the Year Following Completion of Chemotherapy
WP4 Changes in clinical practice following the introduction of ASyMS
WP5 Predictive Risk Model to Deliver Personalised Care
WP6 Dissemination and Exploitation
WP7 Management