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Find out about some of the latest student projects within the Department of Computer & Information Sciences.

Final year student Honours projects

Each year our fourth year students undertake substantial individual software projects, as part of their degree requirements. And each year the Department hosts a Project Demo Day and Industrial Demo Day at which these students demonstrate their projects for the department's staff and our industrial visitors.

Here are some example extracts:

 Young Software Engineer of the Year 2015

Our fourth year student Damien Anderson won 3rd place for his project on generalised Video Game playing. 

About this project:

The General Video Game Playing project is about creating an artificially intelligent agent that's capable of playing a wide variety of video games.

The agent can be placed into a new video game that it hasn't encountered before and can still perform well. This was achieved by allowing the agent to search the area around it to look for potentially beneficial or harmful targets. While it does this, it's directed to seek out the beneficial targets while avoiding harmful targets, and uses the current score of the game to adjust its targeting. by Damien Anderson.

The Young Software Engineer of the Year Award was hotly contested, showcasing an amazing array of 12 bright finalists and their ground-breaking projects.

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*video courtesy of ScotlandIS

The Strathclyde Student Technological Society (StrathTech)

The Strathclyde Technological Society, also known as StrathTech, is the computing society of the University of Strathclyde open to all students of any level of experience to bring together to share their passion for technology and learn new skills in the process. It also provides members with access to resources that can be used for society projects or even for university projects. We have coding labs on a wide range of topics so students can come and learn new skills that would be useful going into the industry and learn different languages that they might never have touched before.

StrathTech holds a number of different events throughout the year from guest lectures, where students can hear from those in academia and from the industry about a number of different topics, to our yearly hackathon called StrathHack where student are able to compete with fellow society members and even those from Universities across Scotland. On top of all that we also have a wide range of social activities from gaming nights to organizing trips away so you will always have chances to meet up with new people and share common interests, grow their network of contacts and improve their interpersonal skills.

Find further information on can be found by clicking on this link StrathTech here.