PeopleVanessa Trijoulet

Research Student

LT838 Livingstone Tower

TEL : +44 (0)141 548 3385(Ext. 3385)


Having obtained a Master’s degree in Oceanography, specialising in marine biology, from the Centre d’Océanologie in Marseille (France) in 2010, my research experience has especially concerned marine mammals (cetaceans and pinnipeds). The different opportunities I had working in this field (distribution, abundance, photo-identification, public awareness, acoustics) and on modelling (acoustics modelling) have confirmed my wish to develop my skills on modelling applied to marine mammals.

My PhD aims to create a model of the West of Scotland fishery for demersal fish: cod, haddock and whiting. A biological age-structured model assessing the impact of grey seal predation on the three commercial fish species is combined with an economic model. This bioeconomic model will enable us to make conclusions about the impact of seals on fisheries incomes and to answer some questions relating to the current seal-fishery controversy. 


Ted W. Cranford, Vanessa Trijoulet, Cynthia R. Smith & Petr Krysl, Bioacoustics (2013): Validation of a vibroacoustic finite element model using bottlenose dolphin simulations: the dolphin biosonar beam is focused in stages, Bioacoustics: The International Journal of Animal Sound and its Recording, DOI: 10.1080/09524622.2013.843061