Handbook and Adviser of Studies

The Physics Undergraduate Handbook 2023-2024 should be read in conjunction with StrathLife. There you will find information about Registration, Support Services, studying at Strathclyde and living in Glasgow. 

The Regulations given in the Handbook were correct at the time of publishing, but you can also view up-to-date regulations.

MSc students should read the Physics Postgraduate Taught Handbook 2023-2024.

Programme Advisers for 1st year:

Physics: Dr Gordon Robb physics-yr1-coordinator@strath.ac.uk

Mathematics and Physics: Dr L Corson, Mathematics and Statistics

Programme Advisers for 2nd year:

Physics: Prof Gian-Luca Oppo physics-yr2-coordinator@strath.ac.uk

Mathematics and Physics: Dr E Dombi, Mathematics and Statistics

Programme Advisers for 3rd year:

Physics: Dr Carol Trager-Cowan physics-yr3-coordinator@strath.ac.uk

Mathematics and Physics: Dr M Langer, Mathematics and Statistics

Programme Advisers for 4th year:

Physics: Dr Fabien Massabuau physics-yr4-coordinator@strath.ac.uk

Physics with Teaching: David Roxburgh, Education

Mathematics and Physics: Dr D Young, Mathematics and Statistics

Programme Advisers for 5th year:

Dr Konstantinos Lagoudakis physics-yr5-coordinator@strath.ac.uk

Programme Advisers for PGT:

Prof Thorsten Ackemann thorsten.ackemann@strath.ac.uk

If you have any issues or you cannot contact your Adviser of Studies, then please contact the Director of Student Support, Dr Ben Hourahine, physics-director-student-support@strath.ac.uk.