A laser

Institute of Photonics Advanced lasers

We specialise in the physics and engineering of diode-pumped solid-state and semiconductor lasers. We put a particular emphasis on taking our novel laser concepts to a systems-ready level and working with industrial and academic partners on their practical implementation.

The research group is made up of two teams - the High Brightness Semiconductor Disk Laser Team and the Compact Solid-State Lasers Team.

We work closely together and with a range of partners, both industrial and academic. One of our key partners is the Fraunhofer Centre for Applied Photonics in Glasgow.

Our particular research interests include:

  • novel semiconductor disk lasers for the visible and UV
  • nonlinear wavelength conversion of semiconductor disk lasers
  • diamond-based lasers

Our work is supported by an EPSRC Challenging Engineering Award and an ERC Starting Grant.