Satellites Reveal Seasonal Variations of Suspended Particles in UK Coastal Waters

Dr. David McKee

Image processed by the authors using MODIS Aqua data provided by NASA GSFC, Ocean Biology DAAC.

A recent paper from the Marine Optics and Remote Sensing Group has been selected as a Research Spotlight topic by the highly rated EOS Earth and Space Science News.

The paper, authored by Catherine Mitchell, Alex Cunningham and David McKee, reveals the role of mineral particles in determining seasonal variations in key optical properties of UK coastal waters. Spatial variations in these patterns across the Irish Sea can be related to complex interactions with physical mixing and stratification processes in the water column and changes in depth and sea bed composition.

A notable highlight of paper is the successful recovery of seasonal patterns from ocean colour imagery despite the excessively cloudy conditions experienced here in the UK!

Spotlight article

Research paper

2nd March 2016

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