PhysicsWhy physics... and why physics at Strathclyde?

We're confident that we can give you the best physics training and the best preparation for entering the world of work or further study. So, what better way to answer the above questions than by putting it to some of our students, past and present, and our staff. Here are some of their responses:

Ailidh McGilp, EngD student, (Graduated BSc (Hons) Applied Physics 2011): "I think physics builds a great foundation to become an engineer, often providing a thorough understanding of why what’s happening is happening. It teaches you problem solving, patience and perseverance and I think those are vitally important for my future career.”

Alastair Davy, PhD student (Graduated MPhys 2014):

The key moment came during the Advanced Higher Open Day. During that day I got to meet some of the staff and see around the department. I was surprised to see a faculty of light-hearted, down-to-earth people, who were interested in my thoughts and opinions. After the open day, I felt happy to join Strathclyde. I knew I would be studying in a city I knew and loved; I would be able to stay at home and I would be able to get on with the faculty. Five years later, I have a Masters in physics and have started my PhD at Strathclyde as well."

Peter Tinning, fifth year MPhys student: “After having a look around on a university open day and hearing some of the lecturers talk and seeing the ground-breaking research being carried out at this university, there was no other option in my mind of where I wished to study.”

Chao Wang, third year BSc, from Donghua University, Shanghai:

I am an international student, on an exchange programme from my Chinese university. After being here for about eight months, I began to understand what a wise choice I had made. Teachers here are friendly and they teach in a clear way to make sure you understand the concept of the physical world, which stimulates me to learn more, to gain deeper understanding about those things."

Peng Gu, PhD student: "A warm welcome from the open day, many nice and knowledgeable supervisors, and city centre location… there are really many reasons to choose physics at Strathclyde.”

Oliver Hay, MPhys graduate 2014:

The relationship between the student and the lecturers within the department is very friendly. When it comes to research projects in the final years of your degree course, the diversity of research taking place in the physics department makes it easy for you to specialise in a field close to your own interests.”

Dr Jochen Bruckbauer, PhD graduate 2013: “I chose Strathclyde for doing my PhD because of its established research group in my field of study. Also, Glasgow is a perfect place for living in a relatively large city with the advantage of going to the most beautiful places for hiking in a relatively short time.”

Muhammad Zaid, BSC Hons graduate 2013:

Not only is Strathclyde fitted with well-equipped facilities to conduct ground-breaking research and experiments, it has approachable staff who are ready to lend a hand or an ear whenever needed.”

Professor Kevin O'Donnell: "The reason we do physics is so that we can do more physics."

Professor Dino Jaroszynski:

Physics chose me. I started a degree in electrical engineering and did an elective on the philosophy of science when I discovered quantum mechanics. The Born Einstein letters clinched it for me and launched me into a career in physics, when I quickly changed degrees and directions in my life. I have never looked back. The journey has been a fascinating one, and continues to be so.”