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Dr Andrew Agapiou is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Architecture, Strathclyde University. He delivers Professional Studies programme to both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Architecture. He completed his Doctoral Studies in 'Construction Economics' at Loughborough University in 1996. In 2016, Andrew was awarded an LLM degree in 'Mediation and Conflict Resolution' with distinction by the Strathclyde University Law School. Andrew is coordinator of TG 89, an International Mediation Task Force for the CIB (International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction), which resulted in the publication of an edited book on international perspectives on Court-Connected Construction Mediation Practice for Routledge. In 2017 he was appointed joint coordinator of CIB W113 Working Commission on Law and Dispute Resolution.  In 2019 Dr Agapiou received the 'Arbitration Lecturer of the Year' award in the Global Corporate LiveWire Awards. He also currently holds external examiner appointments at De Montford and Bedfordshire Universities. Andrew is also a member of the Editorial Advisory Panel for ICE Proceedings - 'Management, Procurement and Law'. He has a growing reputation within profession circles and has recently been appointed to a number of prominent positions, reflecting his interests in the legalities of the construction process, including appointments to the Board of the Architects Professional Examination Authority Scotland, the Royal Institute of British Architect's Professional Conduct Panel.  In 2019, Andrew was appointed to the Place and Design Panel for West Dumbartsonshire.  



Legal challenges and public procurement in construction in Northern Ireland
Mitchell Michael, Agapiou Andrew
Buildings Vol 13 (2023)
Overcoming the legal barriers to the implementation of smart contracts in the construction industry : the emergence of a practice and research agenda
Agapiou Andrew
Buildings Vol 13 (2023)
Barriers to offsite construction adoption : a quantitative study among housing associations in England
Agapiou Andrew
Buildings Vol 12 (2022)
Factors influencing the selection of a procurement route for UK offsite housebuilding
Agapiou Andrew
Proceedings of the ICE - Management, Procurement and Law Vol 175, pp. 3-15 (2022)
Influence diagrams for off-site construction manufacturing risk assessment in China
Zhang Lin, Agapiou Andrew
Proceedings of Institution of Civil Engineers: Management, Procurement and Law Vol 174, pp. 145-162 (2021)
A TRIZ approach to reliable megaproject sustainability
Chen Zhen, Agapiou Andrew, Li Heng, Xu Qian
Frontiers in Built Environment Vol 7 (2021)

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Professional activities

CPD Programme - NEC3 form of Engineering and Construction
CPD Programme - NEC3 form of Engineering and Construction
UK Environmental Law Association (External organisation)
Mediate Scotland 2014
CIB (External organisation)
US-China Law Review (Journal)
Editorial board member

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An analytic approach to sustainability assessment in urban megaprojects
Chen, Zhen (Principal Investigator) Agapiou, Andrew (Co-investigator)
Real-Time Simulation of Construction Projects through Hybrid Application of Building Information Modelling and Image Processing
Pour Rahimian Leilabadi, Farzad (Principal Investigator) Stankovic, Vladimir (Principal Investigator) Agapiou, Andrew (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2017 - 31-Jan-2017
Doctoral Training Center in the Built Environment Futures
Porta, Sergio (Academic) Bradley, Fiona (Academic) Agapiou, Andrew (Academic) Clarke, Joseph Andrew (Academic) Bellingham, Richard (Academic)
The projects achieved funding for the creation of a new Doctoral Training Center in the Built Environment Future at the Department of Architecture
Construction clients and mediation: a follow-up study of attitudes and experiences
Agapiou, Andrew (Principal Investigator)
20-Jan-2012 - 07-Jan-2012
System Risks In Information-Rich Environments: Monitoring For Safe And Cost-Effective Operation (Bridging The Gap) / RA4432
Agapiou, Andrew (Principal Investigator)
29-Jan-2009 - 30-Jan-2010
Doctoral Training Grant 2010 | Pasino, Paola
Agapiou, Andrew (Principal Investigator) Porta, Sergio (Co-investigator) Pasino, Paola (Research Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2009 - 15-Jan-2016

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