Dr Robert Atkinson


Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Personal statement

I am a Senior Lecturer in the Dept. Electronic and Electrical Engineering with interests in (deep) machine learning, data analytics, and the Internet of Things. The emphasis if firmly on the industrial application of these technologies.


Has expertise in:

    I have experience and expertise in the following areas:

    • The industrial application of machine learning for diagnostics and prognostics, partial discharge monitoring, and intrusion detection systems;
    • Wireless Sensor Networks, especially in harsh industrial environments;
    • The Internet of Things;
    • Multicore processing (e.g. GPUs etc.);

Prizes and awards

ICSEA 2016 - Best Paper Award
DASC 2015 - Best Paper Award
SIN 2014 - Best Paper Award
UBICOMM - Best Paper Award

More prizes and awards


Defect detection in aerospace sandwich composite panels using conductive thermography and contact sensors
Gillespie David, Hamilton Andrew, Michie Craig, Atkinson Robert, Andonovic Ivan, Tachtatzis Christos
7th International Electronic Conference on Sensors and Applications (2020)
Gated pipelined folding ADC based low power sensor for large-scale radiometric partial discharge monitoring
Upton David W, Haigh Richard P, Mather Peter J, Lazaridis Pavlos I, Mistry Keyur, Zaharis Zaharias D, Tachtatzis Christos, Atkinson Robert C
IEEE Sensors Journal Vol 20, pp. 7826-7836 (2020)
Non-destructive identification of fibre orientation in multi-ply biaxial laminates using contact temperature sensors
Gillespie David I, Hamilton Andrew W, McKay Ewan J, Neilson Brian, Atkinson Robert C, Andonovic Ivan, Tachtatzis Christos
Sensors Vol 20 (2020)
Interoperability and integration testing methods for IoT systems : a systematic mapping study
Bureš Miroslav, Klima Matej, Rechtberger Vaclav, Bellekens Xavier, Tachtatzis Christos, Atkinson Robert, Ahmed Bestoun S
Software Engineering and Formal Methods (2020)
A taxonomy of network threats and the effect of current datasets on intrusion detection systems
Hindy Hanan, Brosset David, Bayne Ethan, Seeam Amar, Tachtatzis Christos, Atkinson Robert, Bellekens Xavier
IEEE Access Vol 8, pp. 104650-104675 (2020)
Classification of cattle behaviour using convolutional neural networks
Pavlovic Dejan, Tachtatzis Christos, Hamilton Andrew, Marko Oskar, Atkinson Robert, Davison Christopher, Michie Craig, Crnojevic Vladimir, Andonovic Ivan
European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP) Annual Meeting (2020)

More publications


  • EE106 Engineering Design for Software Development 1: gentle introduction to computer programming using Python.
  • EE320 Signals and Systems: signal processing concepts.
  • EE471 Communications Networks: foundation in communication and computer networking concepts and protocols.

Research interests

Given the increasing volume and variety of data that is being generated across economic and industrial sectors, a key area of interest is the extraction of meaningful and actionable information from heterogeous data sets. This involves research into data analytics and multicore programming solutions. This in trun motivates an interest both in Cloud Computing and Big Data analytics.

I also have a long interest in future internet technologies, including Mobile IPv6 mobility solutions, Internet of Things (IoT), and intelligent in-building control systems.


Professional activities

Energies (Journal)
Guest editor
The Challenges in the Implementation of Cloud-based Precision Livestock Management Services Provision
European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (Publisher)
Podcast participant: MACRO – The Cisco Innovation Podcast, Revolutionising Natural Disaster Response
Online CPD - Social Benefits of Innovative Lighting
2015 IEEE 81st Vehicular Technology Conference

More professional activities


Lupovis: A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing (Cyber Security ASAP)
Bellekens, Xavier (Principal Investigator) Andonovic, Ivan (Co-investigator) Atkinson, Robert (Co-investigator) Tachtatzis, Christos (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2020 - 31-Jan-2020
Atkinson, Robert (Principal Investigator) Andonovic, Ivan (Co-investigator) Bellekens, Xavier (Co-investigator) Tachtatzis, Christos (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2020 - 31-Jan-2022
Advanced Cyber-Security Simulation Platform For Preparedness Training in Aviation, Naval and Powergrid environments (FORESIGHT) (H2020 SC7)
Bellekens, Xavier (Principal Investigator) Atkinson, Robert (Co-investigator) Tachtatzis, Christos (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2019 - 30-Jan-2022
Improving the Safety, Reliability, and Efficiency of Cargo Transportation using Deep Learning Computer Vision
Cardona Amengual, Javier (Principal Investigator) Andonovic, Ivan (Co-investigator) Atkinson, Robert (Co-investigator) Michie, Craig (Co-investigator) Tachtatzis, Christos (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2019 - 17-Jan-2019
Fostering Precision Agriculture and Livestock Farming through Secure Access to Large-Scale HPC-Enabled Virtual Industrial Experimentation Environment Empowering Scalable Big Data Analytics (H2020-ICT-2018-2020) (CYBELE)
Tachtatzis, Christos (Principal Investigator) Andonovic, Ivan (Co-investigator) Atkinson, Robert (Co-investigator) Michie, Craig (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2019 - 31-Jan-2021
Transforming Oilfield Equipment Performance In Mature Basins
Atkinson, Robert (Principal Investigator) Andonovic, Ivan (Co-investigator) Tachtatzis, Christos (Co-investigator)
13-Jan-2018 - 12-Jan-2019

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Electronic and Electrical Engineering
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