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I'm an oceanographer and mathematical ecologist, with a background in physical oceanography. My current organizing questions: first, given that climate change can push on a marine ecosystem by a dozen separate pathways simultaneously, which pathways are the crucial ones? Second, what is the role of biological complexity (diversity, adaptability, behavior, life history) in large-scale patterns in the ocean? I use a range of dynamical model methods from high-resolution, spatially explicit simulations to paper-and-pencil sketches of life history and population dynamics.


Sea ice decline drives biogeographical shifts of key Calanus species in the central Arctic Ocean
Ershova Elizaveta A, Kosobokova Ksenia N, Banas Neil S, Ellingsen Ingrid, Niehoff Barbara, Hildebrandt Nicole, Hirche Hans Juergen
Global Change Biology Vol 27, pp. 2128-2143 (2021)
Reconciling behavioral, bioenergetic, and oceanographic views of bowhead whale predation on overwintering copepods at an Arctic hotspot (Disko Bay, Greenland)
Banas Neil S, Møller Eva Friis, Laidre Kristin L, Simon Malene, Ellingsen Ingrid H, Nielsen Torkel Gissel
Frontiers in Marine Science Vol 8 (2021)
Estuarine circulation, mixing, and residence times in the Salish Sea
MacCready P, McCabe R M, Siedlecki S A, Lorenz M, Giddings S N, Bos J, Albertson S, Banas N S, Garnier S
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans Vol 126 (2021)
A marine zooplankton community vertically structured by light across diel to interannual timescales
Hobbs Laura, Banas Neil S, Cohen Jonathan H, Cottier Finlo R, Berge Jørgen, Varpe Øystein
Biology Letters Vol 17 (2021)
Eat or sleep : availability of winter prey explains mid-winter and spring activity in an arctic Calanus population
Hobbs Laura, Banas Neil S, Cottier Finlo R, Berge Jørgen, Daase Malin
Frontiers in Marine Science Vol 7 (2020)
Spatial synchrony of breeding success in the blacklegged kittiwake Rissa tridactyla reflects the spatial dynamics of its sandeel prey
Olin Agnes B, Banas Neil S, Wright Peter J, Heath Michael R, Nager Ruedi G
Marine Ecology Progress Series Vol 638, pp. 177-190 (2020)

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GlobalHAB modeling workshop online webinar series

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How does phytoplankton diversity affect primary production in the ocean?
Chen, Bingzhang (Principal Investigator) Banas, Neil (Co-investigator) Heath, Mike (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2021 - 31-Jan-2024
Mapping the use of North Atlantic ocean habitat by post-smolt salmon
Banas, Neil (Principal Investigator)
03-Jan-2020 - 02-Jan-2021
Global warming, plankton functional diversity, and the biological ocean pump
Chen, Bingzhang (Principal Investigator) Banas, Neil (Principal Investigator)
This project aims to understand the roles of plankton functional diversity on the biological ocean pump, a key process of the global carbon cycle, within the context of global warming.
We focus on the vast oligotrophic open ocean and our objective is to combine model development and observational data to address the key questions below:
What types of plankton functional traits will be the most important for primary production and carbon export?
What are the patterns of plankton functional diversity in the oligotrophic open ocean?
How will warming affect both plankton functional diversity and carbon export?
01-Jan-2019 - 01-Jan-2022
Mechanistic understanding of the role of diatoms in the success of the Arctic Calanus complex and implications for a warmer Arctic | Connan-McGinty, Stacey
McKee, David (Principal Investigator) Banas, Neil (Co-investigator) Connan-McGinty, Stacey (Research Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2019 - 01-Jan-2023
Primary production driven by escalating nutrient fluxes?
Banas, Neil (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2018 - 31-Jan-2022
Mechanistic understanding of the role of diatoms in the success of the Arctic Calanus complex and implications for a warmer Arctic
Banas, Neil (Principal Investigator) Heath, Mike (Co-investigator) Speirs, Douglas (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2017 - 31-Jan-2023

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