Dr Euan Barlow

Knowledge Exchange Fellow

Management Science

Personal statement

I am a Knowledge Exchange Fellow with the Department of Management Science at the University of Strathclyde. I regularly work as part of multi-disciplinary collaborative teams with engineers and scientists from other disciplines. My interests are generally in developing and applying modelling techniques to real-world problems, working closely with industry to produce practical solutions to specific problems through purpose-built tools.


Has expertise in:

    I have worked in a wide variety of fields, and have developed expertise in a wide range of skills and techniques from the mathematical sciences. Some examples include: discrete-event simulation, multi-objective evolutionary optimisation algorithms, Markov decision processes, expert elicitation for model development, and mathematical modelling of acoustics.


A mixed-method optimisation and simulation framework for supporting logistical decisions during offshore wind farm installations
Barlow Euan, Tezcaner Öztürk Diclehan, Revie Matthew, Akartunali Kerem, Day Alexander H, Boulougouris Evangelos
European Journal of Operational Research Vol 264, pp. 894-906 (2018)
A weak-inertia mathematical model of bubble growth in a polymer foam
Barlow Euan, Bradley Aoibhinn M, Mulholland Anthony J, Torres-Sanchez Carmen
Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics Vol 244, pp. 1-14 (2017)
Robust Rolling Horizon Optimisation Model for Offshore Wind Farm Installation Logistics
Tezcaner Öztürk D, Barlow E, Akartunali K, Revie M, Day A H, Boulougouris E
On using simulation to model the installation process logistics for an offshore wind farm
Barlow Euan, Tezcaner Ozturk Diclehan, Revie Matthew, Akartunali Kerem, Day Alexander, Boulougouris Evangelos
Investigating the performance of a fractal ultrasonic transducer under varying system conditions
Barlow Euan, Algehyne Ebrahem A, Mulholland Anthony J
Symmetry Vol 8 (2016)
Exploring the impact of innovative developments to the installation process for an offshore wind farm
Barlow Euan, Tezcaner Öztürk Diclehan, Revie Matthew, Boulougouris Evangelos, Day Alexander H, Akartunali Kerem
Ocean Engineering Vol 109, pp. 623-634 (2015)

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I teach on various modules delivered by Management Science for Masters courses, teaching a range of statistical and analytical modelling techniques.

Research interests

During my research career I have worked in the fields of metrology, robotics and automation, ocean and marine engineering, renewable energy, maintenance and reliability, water engineering and ultrasonic engineering. Tackling this diverse set of real-world problems has led to my interest in a wide range of modelling and analysis techniques from operational research, mathematics, statistics, and computer science.

Some examples include developing discrete event simulation tools combining scheduling models with weather forecasting models to support offshore wind farm installation projects, developing novel techniques for solving large-scale multi-objective non-linear optimisation problems to support the optimal design of water distribution networks, and developing stochastic dynamic programming models to support maintenance decisions of complex energy systems.

Professional activities

Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (Journal)
Peer reviewer
HIC 2012

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KTP - Maru Syngro
Barlow, Euan (Principal Investigator) Revie, Matthew (Co-investigator) Roper, Marc (Co-investigator)
15-Jan-2018 - 14-Jan-2020
Multi-Level Robust Optimization: Theory, Algorithms and Practice
Akartunali, Kerem (Principal Investigator) Barlow, Euan (Co-investigator)
20-Jan-2018 - 19-Jan-2020
KTP-Scottish Water
Walls, Lesley (Principal Investigator) Arulselvan, Ashwin (Co-investigator) Barlow, Euan (Co-investigator) Quigley, John (Co-investigator) Revie, Matthew (Co-investigator)
08-Jan-2016 - 07-Jan-2018

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