Dr Douglas Bertram

Senior Knowledge Exchange Fellow

Civil and Environmental Engineering


Multi-criteria performance evaluation of gridded precipitation and temperature products in data sparse region
Lawal Ibrahim Mohammed, Bertram Douglas, White Christopher John, Jagaba Ahmad Hussaini, Hassan Ibrahim, Shuaibu Abdulrahman
Atmosphere Vol 12 (2021)
Advances in the application and utility of subseasonal-to-seasonal predictions
White Christopher J, Domeisen Daniela I V, Acharya Nachiketa, Adefisan Elijah A, Anderson Michael L, Aura Stella, Balogun Ahmed A, Bertram Douglas, Bluhm Sonia, Brayshaw David J, Browell Jethro, Büeler Domink, Charlton-Perez Andrew, Chourio Xandre, Christel Isadora, Coelho Caio A S, DeFlorio Michael J, Delle Monache Luca, Di Giuseppe Francesca, García-Solórzano Ana María, Gibson Peter B, Goddard Lisa, González Romero Carmen, Graham Richard J, Graham Robert M, Grams Christian M, Halford Alan, Huang W T Katty, Jensen Kjeld, Kilavi Mary, Lawal Kamoru A, Lee Robert W, MacLeod David, Manrique-Suñén Andrea, Martins Eduardo S P R, Maxwell Carolyn J, Merryfield William J, Muñoz Ángel G, Olaniyan Eniola, Otieno George, Oyedpo John A, Palma Lluís, Pechlivanidis Ilias G, Pons Diego, Ralph F Martin, Reis Jr. Dirceu S, Remenyi Tomas A, Risbey James S, Robertson Donald J C, Robertson Andrew W, Smith Stefan, Soret Albert, Sun Ting, Todd Martin C, Tozer Carly R, Vasconcelos Jr. Franisco C, Vigo Ilaria, Waliser Duane E, Wetterhall Fredrik, Wilson Robert G
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (2021)
Erratum : quantification of temporal variations in base flow index using sporadic river data: application to the Bua Catchment, Malawi (Water, (2019) 11, 901, 10.3390/w11050901)
Kelly Laura, Kalin Robert M, Bertram Douglas, Kanjaye Modesta, Nkhata Macpherson, Sibande Hyde
Water (Switzerland) Vol 12 (2020)
A national scale assessment of temporal variations in groundwater discharge to rivers : Malawi
Kelly Laura, Bertram Douglas, Kalin Robert, Ngongondo Cosmo, Sibande Hyde
American Journal of Water Science and Engineering Vol 6, pp. 39-49 (2020)
Characterization of groundwater discharge to rivers in the Shire River Basin, Malawi
Kelly Laura, Bertram Douglas, Kalin Robert, Ngongondo Cosmo
American Journal of Water Science and Engineering Vol 5, pp. 127-138 (2019)
Can dredged canal sediments be used for flood defence as part of the Scottish circular economy?
Lord Richard, Bertram Doug, Cochrane Neil, Hamilton Alasdair, Jakstys Ignas, João Elsa, Robinson Peter, Torrance Keith
10th Annual Conference on the Advances in Land Contamination Assessment and Remediation (2019)

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Developing a Subseasonal-to-Seasonal Forecasting System for Hydropower Reservoirs in Scotland
International Water Association UK Young Water Professionals Conferenc e

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Distributed pumped hydro for transforming energy and water access
Bertram, Doug (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2019 - 30-Jan-2021
TIC-LCPE: Hydro-04 - Sub-seasonal to Seasonal Hydro Resource Forecasting
Browell, Jethro (Principal Investigator) Bertram, Doug (Co-investigator) White, Chris (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2019 - 30-Jan-2020
Climate Justice Fund Water Futures Programme Borehole Forensics and Ram Pump Funding
Bertram, Doug (Co-investigator) Kalin, Robert (Principal Investigator)
In this KE project I bring water pumping technology expertise to enable water resources transfer for power or agricultural needs in the developing country of Malawi. We will work with local partners to build a demonstration site to build capacity around low-energy pumping technologies.
01-Jan-2018 - 01-Jan-2018
SURICATES Interreg NWE 462 - Sediment Uses as Resources in Circular And Territorial Economies.
Lord, Richard (Principal Investigator) Bertram, Doug (Co-investigator) João, Elsa (Co-investigator) Zawdie, Girma (Co-investigator) Tarantino, Alessandro (Co-investigator)
€5.7M Interreg NWE Industrial Research Partnership
21-Jan-2017 - 21-Jan-2022
Energy Technology Partnership award with Absolute Solar and Wind
Bertram, Doug (Co-investigator) Lord, Richard (Principal Investigator)
15-Jan-2017 - 15-Jan-2018
Zero Energy Distributed Micro Pumped Hydro-Innovate UK Early Stage Energy Catalyst Award - Water Powered Technology
Bertram, Doug (Principal Investigator) João, Elsa (Co-investigator) Kalin, Robert (Co-investigator) Tanyimboh, Tiku (Co-investigator)
Zero Energy Distributed Micro Pumped Hydro-Innovate UK Early Stage Energy Catalyst Award - Water Powered Technology
01-Jan-2016 - 30-Jan-2017

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