Professor Robert Bingham



Axion detection through resonant photon-photon collisions
Beyer K‚ÄČA, Marocco G, Bingham R, Gregori G
Physical Review D Vol 101 (2020)
AEDGE : Atomic experiment for dark matter and gravity exploration in space
, El-Neaj Yousef Abou, Alpigiani Cristiano, Amairi-Pyka Sana, Araujo Henrique, Balaz Antun, Bassi Angelo, Bathe-Peters Lars, Battelier Baptiste, Belic Aleksandar, Bentine Elliot, Bernabeu Jose, Bertoldi Andrea, Bingham Robert, Blas Diego, Bolpasi Vasiliki, Bongs Kai, Bose Sougato, Bouyer Philippe, Bowcock Themis, Bowden William, Buchmueller Oliver, Burrage Clare, Calmet Xavier, Canuel Benjamin, Caramete Laurentiu-Ioan, Carroll Andrew, Cella Giancarlo, Charmandaris Vassilis, Chattopadhyay Swapan, Chen Xuzong, Chiofalo Maria Luisa, Coleman Jonathon, Cotter Joseph, Cui Yanou, Derevianko Andrei, Roeck Albert De, Djordjevic Goran, Dornan Peter, Doser Michael, Drougkakis Ioannis, Dunningham Jacob, Dutan Ioana, Easo Sajan, Elertas Gedminas, Ellis John, Sawy Mai El, Fassi Farida, Felea Daniel, Feng Chen-Hao, Flack Robert
EPJ Quantum Technology Vol 7 (2020)
Wakefields in a cluster plasma
Mayr M W, Ceurvorst L, Kasim M F, Sadler J D, Spiers B, Glize K, Savin A F, Bourgeois N, Keeble F, Ross A J, Symes D R, Aboushelbaya R, Fonseca R A, Holloway J, Ratan N, Trines R M G M, Wang R H W, Bingham R, Silva L O, Burrows P N, Wing M, Rajeev P P, Norreys P A
Physical Review Accelerators and Beams Vol 22 (2019)
Orbital angular momentum coupling in elastic photon-photon scattering
Aboushelbaya R, Glize K, Savin A F, Mayr M, Spiers B, Wang R, Collier J, Marklund M, Trines R M G M, Bingham R, Norreys P A
Physical Review Letters Vol 123 (2019)
Apparatus for investigating non-linear microwave interactions in magnetised plasma
Bingham R, Ronald K, Whyte C G, Wilson K, Phelps A DR, Cairns R A, Eliasson B, Koepke M E, Cross A W, Speirs D C, Robertson C W, MacInnes P, Bamford R
46th European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics, EPS 2019 (2019)
Linear plasma experiment for non-linear microwave interaction experiments
Whyte Colin, Wilson Kieran, Phelps Alan, Cross Adrian, Cairns Alan, Bingham Robert, Eliasson Bengt, Koepke Mark, Speirs David, Robertson Craig W, MacInnes Philip, Bamford Ruth, Ronald Kevin
The 2019 IEEE Pulsed Power and Plasma Science Conference (PPPS), pp. 2P40 (2019)

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Microwave emission due to kinetic instabilities in an overdense mirror-confined plasma (International Exchanges Cost Share 2018 - Russia)
Eliasson, Bengt (Principal Investigator) Bingham, Robert (Co-investigator) Phelps, Alan (Co-investigator) Ronald, Kevin (Co-investigator) Speirs, David (Co-investigator)
10-Jan-2018 - 09-Jan-2020
Parametric Wave Coupling and Non-Linear Mixing in Plasma
Ronald, Kevin (Principal Investigator) Bingham, Robert (Co-investigator) Eliasson, Bengt (Co-investigator) Phelps, Alan (Co-investigator) Speirs, David (Researcher) Whyte, Colin (Researcher)
01-Jan-2017 - 31-Jan-2020
Particle acceleration in magnetised shocks produced by laser and pulsed power facilities
Bingham, Robert (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2016 - 31-Jan-2019
Proton-driven plasma wakefield acceleration - a new route to a TeV e+e-collider
Bingham, Robert (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2014 - 30-Jan-2015
Critical Mass: Collective radiation-beam-plasma interactions at high intensities
Jaroszynski, Dino (Principal Investigator) Bingham, Robert (Co-investigator) Boyd, Marie (Co-investigator) Ledingham, Kenneth (Co-investigator) McKenna, Paul (Co-investigator) Wiggins, Mark (Co-investigator)
This proposal describes a programme of research on single-particle and collective radiation-beam-plasma interactions at high field intensities, production of high-brightness particle beams with femtosecond to attosecond duration, new sources of coherent and incoherent radiation that are both compact and inexpensive, new methods of accelerating particles which could make them widely available and, by extending their parameter range, stimulate new application areas. An important adjunct to the proposal will be a programme to apply the sources to demonstrate their usefulness and also provide a way to involve industry and other end-users. The project builds on previous experiments and theoretical investigations of the Advanced Laser Plasma High-energy Accelerators towards X-rays (ALPHA-X) project, which has demonstrated controlled acceleration in a laser-plasma wakefield accelerator (LWFA), initial applications of beams from the LWFA and demonstrations of gamma ray production due to resonant betatron motion in the LWFA. The programme will have broad relevance, through developing an understanding of the highly nonlinear and collective physics of radiation-matter interactions, to fields ranging from astrophysics, fusion and nuclear physics, to the interaction of radiation with biological matter. It will also touch on several basic problems in physics, such as radiation reaction in plasma media and the development of coherence in nonlinear coupled systems.
19-Jan-2012 - 18-Jan-2016
Doctoral Training Grant 2010 | Wilson, Kathryn Ann
Bingham, Robert (Principal Investigator) Speirs, David (Co-investigator) Wilson, Kathryn Ann (Research Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2010 - 18-Jan-2014

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