Miss Shona Blair

Teaching Associate

Management Science

Personal statement

Shona joined the Department of Management Science as a Teaching Associate in 2017. In her first year, she was shortlisted for two university-wide Teaching Excellence awards. Her shortlisting in the category “Most Supportive” recognises her long-standing passion for teaching and her continued efforts towards ensuring a first-class educational experience for each and every student.

Shona’s scholarly interests lie in the areas of discrete event simulation (in particular, investigating new approaches to the exploration and analysis of the model input-output space), and the empirical Bayes approach to statistical analysis (in particular, investigating how it can be employed fruitfully in management science contexts). Shona has a background in mathematics and worked in the finance industry, before returning to academia to pursue her PhD in Management Science and carry out knowledge exchange work in association with the department.

In terms of departmental responsibility, she is currently the Honours Year Convener and Deputy Director of Undergraduate Studies. She is responsible for the delivery of the following classes:

  • MS922 Quantitative Business Analysis
  • MS985 Business and Decision Modelling
  • MS361 Understanding and Optimizing Business Systems
  • MS424 Honours Research Methods
  • MS981 Datalab


Analysis of COVID-19 Impact on Social and Intermediate Care in Lanarkshire
Sinha, Chandrava (Co-investigator) Blair, Shona (Co-investigator) van der Meer, Robert (Principal Investigator)
Social and intermediate care is under stress, with COVID-19 adding to existing pressures. It is clear that a variety of factors are at play, and whilst many of these factors are already well known to those providing these services, the overall situation is complex. The overall aim of this project is to better understand the impact of COVID-19 on social and intermediate care in Lanarkshire and to provide guidance on how those tasked with delivering this care can best plan and prioritise for the future in light of current uncertainties.

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