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Work, Employment and Organisation

Personal statement

I am a Teaching Fellow coordinating Undergraduate Hospitality and Tourism Management classes. My responsibilities include HTM Pathway Coordinator and Honours Coordinator, currently also the academic lead in the restructuring of the undergraduate HTM degree. Besides my appointment with SBS I work closely with a number of hospitality and tourism professionals based in and around Glasgow. This ensures I stay up to date with the current industry trends and issues which inform my teaching and the class material. 

My academic interests address the practical issues of recruitment, training and retention of chefs which to date remain key managerial challenges within the hospitality industry. This interest is the result of 15 years of experience working as a chef in various hospitality outlets, from large hotels to Michelin star restaurants. A key focus of my work addresses the tribal behaviour of chefs as it emerges and is maintained through the social and organisational context. Using ethnographic methods, my previous research projects have investigated the nature of bullying in kitchens and the identity contruction of aspiring chefs during fix termed internships.   


Re-building students' post-COVID-19 confidence in courses, curriculum and careers for tourism, hospitality and events
Siow May Ling, Lockstone-Binney Leonie, Fraser Barry, Cheung Catherine, Shin Joongwon, Lam Rachel, Ramachandran Sridar, Abreu Novais Margarida, Bourkel Tom, Baum Tom
Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education Vol 33, pp. 270-287 (2021)
Catering for Scotland's Future Skills Needs : Attracting, Training and Retaining Chefs
Anderson Pauline, Baum Tom, Bourkel Tom, Butler Joanna

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I currently teach on numerous undergraduate modules including:

  • Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Management (UG level 1)
  • Service Encounter Management (UG level 2)
  • Event Management and Working in the Third Sector (UG level 3)
  • Internationalisation of Tourism Products and Services (UG level 3)

I also teach Hospitality Operations on Breaking Barriers: Breaking Barriers consists of a partnership between ENABLE Works and the University of Strathclyde Business School. The programme enables young people with learning disabilities to achieve an accredited qualification and gain real work with some of Scotland’s largest employers. The programme has been recognised in numourous awards. 

Across all my teaching, I am committed to:

  • Create a stimulating, versatile and encouraging learning atmosphere.
  • Consistently individualise instruction, based on student's needs and interests.
  • Develop inspiring hands-on lessons to strengthen students’ practical and social skills.
  • Help the students to build cooperative and professional relationships with industry professionals.

Over the past years, I have received several nominations for Teaching Excellence Awards. This highlights my ability to engage with students and stimulate learning through a practical and imaginative teaching approach.

Research interests

  • Participant observations in risk filled work environments
  • Gastronomy and its implications on the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
  • The Sociology of Chefs
  • Employment relations in the Culinary Industry


Catering for Scotland's future skills needs: Attracting, training and retaining young chefs
Anderson, Pauline (Principal Investigator) Baum, Thomas (Co-investigator) Bourkel, Tom (Co-investigator)
Research Project Commissioned by SDS (CWBL)

Skills Development Scotland Co Ltd: £14,170.00
03-Jan-2019 - 30-Jan-2019

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Work, Employment and Organisation
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