Dr David Breen

Teaching Fellow

Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences


Design and use of digital mimics for remote learning
Akil Lina, Breen David, Ford Steven
Analytical Research Forum 2021 (2021)
Inhibitory Kappa B kinase α (IKKα) inhibitors that recapitulate their selectivity in cells against isoform-related biomarkers
Anthony Nahoum G, Baiget Jessica, Berretta Giacomo, Boyd Marie, Breen David, Edwards Joanne, Gamble Carly, Gray Alexander I, Harvey Alan L, Hatziieremia Sophia, Ho Ka Ho, Huggan Judith K, Lang Stuart, Llona-Minguez Sabin, Luo Jia Lin, McIntosh Kathryn, Paul Andrew, Plevin Robin J, Robertson Murray N, Scott Rebecca, Suckling Colin J, Sutcliffe Oliver Brook, Young Louise C, MacKay Simon P
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry Vol 60, pp. 7043-7066 (2017)
Oligoamides of 2-amino-5-alkylthiazole 4-carboxylic acids : anti-trypanosomal compounds
Lang Stuart, Khalaf Abedawn I, Breen David, Huggan Judith, Clements Carol, MacKay Simon, Suckling Colin
Medicinal Chemistry Research Vol 23, pp. 1170-1179 (2014)
Design, synthesis and antibacterial activity of minor groove binders: the role of non-cationic tail groups
Khalaf Abedawn, Bourdin Claire, Breen David, Donoghue Gavin, Scott Fraser, Suckling Colin, MacMillan Donna, Clements Carol, Fox Keith, Sekibo Doreen
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry Vol 56, pp. 39-47 (2012)
Amide isosteres in structure-activity studies of antibacterial minor groove binders
Khalaf Abedawn I, Anthony Nahoum, Breen David, Donoghue Gavin, Mackay Simon P, Scott Fraser J, Suckling Colin J
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry Vol 46, pp. 5343-5355 (2011)
A new synthesis of alkene-containing minor-groove binders and essential hydrogen bonding in binding to DNA and in antibacterial activity
Anthony NG, Breen D, Donoghue G, Khalaf AI, Mackay SP, Parkinson JA, Suckling CJ
Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry Vol 7, pp. 1843-1850 (2009)

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