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Design, Manufacturing and Engineering Management

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Ross is a Lecturer at the Department of Design, Manufacturing and Engineering Management. Ross's research interests include; Computer-Supported Collaborative Design, Design Engineering Education, Strategic Technology Selection, Collaborative Design Technologies, Product Design, development and realisation. Ross is responsible for the Design Management, Postgraduate Individual Projects class in the department and the Undergraduate Research Studies class. Ross is the DMEM 1st-year advisor of studies. He is the Social Media champion and Student Industry Projects champion within the department. Ross has been a member of the Design Society since 2015 and supports the Design Education Special Interest Group and Collaborative Design Special Interest Group in workshop facilitation, strategic planning and conference organisation (E&PDE conference series). Ross has been a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy - Advance HE since 2021. He has produced and conducted CPD courses regularly on Strategic Technology Selection for the engineering sector in Scotland with NMIS. Ross current work includes: Design Society Chat Room coordinator E&PDE 2022 conference organiser, presenter, session chair & panel host. Reviewer for the Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation Management and Design and Technology Education: An International Journal. Scientific Advisory Board member for the ICED, DESIGN and E&PDE conferences.


SIGNALS : a design tool to encourage future thinking in problem identification
Brisco Ross, Davidson Ann
International Symposium of Engineering Education (ISEE) 2022 (2022)
Students perception of risk : team members contribution within collaborative projects
Kelland Charlotte Alexandra, Brisco Ross, Whitfield Ian
The 24th International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education (E&PDE 2022) (2022)
Understanding Industry 4.0 digital transformation
Brisco Ross
17th International DESIGN Conference, pp. 2423-2432 (2022)
Using digital technologies for collaborative conceptual design
Mills Joeseph, Brisco Ross
The 24th International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education (E&PDE 2022) (2022)
Continuity and adaptability in design and engineering education for a knowledge age
Brisco Ross, Bang Anne Louise
Design and Technology Education: An International Journal Vol 26.3, pp. 175-177 (2021)
Lessons learned in the development of an online 6-3-5 digital design tool for distributed idea generation
Brisco Ross, Grierson Hilary, Lynn Andrew
DS 110 23rd International Conference on Engineering & Product Design Education (2021)

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Global Design: exploiting technology to teach Computer-Supported Collaborative Design
Design Society Design Education Special Interest Group Workshop on Design Education at the Engineering & Product Design Education Conference, (E&PDE 2021)
23rd International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education
Continuity and Adaptability in Design and Engineering Education
23rd International Conference on Engineering Design
23rd International Conference on Engineering Design

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Doctoral Training Partnership (DTA - University of Strathclyde) | Brisco, Ross
Whitfield, Ian (Principal Investigator) Grierson, Hilary (Co-investigator) Brisco, Ross (Research Co-investigator)
This project is investigating students utilisation of social network sites for conducting design activities and supporting the design process, such as, to support the reasoning and discussion required to make design decisions. Social network sites offer functionality which meets the needs of computer-supported collaborative design systems, such as, in the exchange and ideas, artefacts and documents. The ubiquity of social network sites and integration with student’s life allows them access to conduct teamwork at all times of the day and the integration of mobile devices allow them access from anywhere. Our findings show that students utilise this ability throughout their daily lives such as, utilising spare time on public transport or whilst waiting in a line in a shop to check in on team progress or contribute to a discussion. The growth of social network sites within academia and enterprise suggest that students will need to utilise the technology in the future. With this, and social network sites ability to support the design process identified in this study, there is a need to investigate the requirement for new design education pedagogies to support students learning. It is important to reason how this might be delivered and how we might encourage the use of best practices when engaging with the technology.
01-Jan-2015 - 15-Jan-2021

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Design, Manufacturing and Engineering Management
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