Dr Derek Bryce

Senior Lecturer


Personal statement

I have been involved with research and teaching at Strathclyde since 2008. My first degree was in History, from the University of Calgary (1991) after which I embarked on a career in the corporate travel management sector, working for a range of multinational and local businesses in the UK and Canada, including American Express and Jarvis-Woodside. I returned to academic life in 2003, gaining a MSc in Tourism from the University of Strathclyde, MRes in Business Management and a PhD in Cultural Studies from Glasgow Caledonian University. I bring strong historicist and humanities perspectives to my teaching and research in the Marketing domain, where my contextual focus is on Cultural Heritage, Destinations and Tourism. 




Using mobile methods to understand multifaceted heritage organisations
Johnstone Jane Hamilton, Bryce Derek, Alexander Matthew J
International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management (2019)
Orientalism, Balkanism and Europe's Ottoman heritage
Bryce Derek, Čaušević Senija
Annals of Tourism Research Vol 77, pp. 92-105 (2019)
Delivering integrated and customised service experiences within a heterogeneous cultural organisation
Johnstone Jane, Alexander Matthew, Bryce Derek
10th SERVSIG Conference, pp. 364-368 (2018)
What pulls ancestral tourists 'home'? An analysis of ancestral tourist motivations
Murdy Samantha, Alexander Matthew, Bryce Derek
Tourism Management Vol 64, pp. 13-19 (2018)
Diaspora, authenticity and the imagined past
Bryce Derek, Murdy Samantha, Alexander Matthew
Annals of Tourism Research Vol 66, pp. 49-60 (2017)
High culture, heritage and the new 'capitals' of the Islamic world
Bryce Derek
Visualising the City 5th International Visual Methods Conference, pp. 72-73 (2017)

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I currently teach classes on Destination Positioning and Management in the BA Business as well as Tourism Resources Marketing, International Culture and Heritage Marketing, and Market Research in the MSc programmes in Tourism Marketing Management, International Marketing and Marketing. I also supervise undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations in related topics.

Research interests

My research interests lie mainly in the critical appraisal of the commodification of cultural heritage resources, the rendering of places into destinations and, more broadly, the political and cultural discourses underpinning commerce. This is expressed principally in my publications examining the politics of 'Western' representation of Islamic culture and destinations, in which I adopt a Foucauldian/post-Saidian approach with notable contributions in the journals Theory, Culture & Society and Environment and Planning A. I am involved in an ongoing project examining the commercialisation of Ottoman cultural heritage in SE Europe and am an external partner in SOAS-University of London's interdisciplinary Centre for Ottoman Studies. My ongoing activity in broader contexts includes exploring the culturally contingent notion of 'authenticity' in heritage consumption and the commercialisation of 'real and imagined pasts' in ancestral tourism. 



Cultural Heritage and Ancestral Tourism: reclaiming Scottish identity from "Highlandisation"
Alexander, Matthew (Principal Investigator) Bryce, Derek (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2015 - 30-Jan-2018
Understanding Ancestral Tourism
Alexander, Matthew (Co-investigator) Murdy, Samantha (Co-investigator) Bryce, Derek (Co-investigator)
Knowledge Exchange Development Fund: £9,876
01-Jan-2015 - 31-Jan-2015
Integrating Islam within European Identities: marketing and consumption of Ottoman heritage in the Balkans
Bryce, Derek (Principal Investigator)
Integrating Islam within European Identities: marketing and consumption of Ottoman heritage in the Balkans
02-Jan-2014 - 30-Jan-2014
Understanding Ancestral Tourism
Alexander, Matthew (Academic) Bryce, Derek (Academic) Murdy, Samantha (Academic)
The overall purpose of this research project is to attain a better understanding of ancestral tourism. The key research objectives related to this study are:

• To identify the specific needs and interests of ancestral tourists
• To explore the relationship between ancestral tourism and wider tourism activity
• To explore how tourism destinations and resources support the needs of ancestral tourists and the challenges therein.

This study will look to collect data in a variety of different ways to address the research objectives, and will be used to triangulate the results. As such, the following methods will be used: i) interviews with stakeholders in the tourism and heritage sectors who are involved with ancestral tourists; ii) interviews with ancestral tourists; iii) observation of ancestral tourists; and iv) questionnaires considering the tourist perspective.

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