Ms Jenny Carey

Senior Teaching Fellow


Personal statement

Jenny Carey is a core member of the Strathclyde Literacy Team and is researching the Literacy Clinic. She is also a core member of the Early Years Team and works with a range of Early Years Professionals.

Jenny is the Course Director for Masters in Education, Early Years Pedagogue course(EYP), and was successfully awarded Scottish Government funding to support aspects of workforce development in and across the Early Years (

Over the last three years she has worked to evaluate aspects of EYP M.Ed. student’s learning and its links to changes in practice in the early years.

Her current work has focussed on the development of teacher’s understandings on literacy.  She is working with 113 teachers in one local authority to explore ways in which collaborative work, through the Strathclyde Literacy Clinic approach, supports teacher agency and responsiveness and knowledge.

During her time at Strathclyde she has worked on a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses including the BACP, BA in Primary Education, PGDE Primary and the M.Ed. Programme. She contributes to Learning & Teaching for GTC registered teachers, Early Years Workforce Development and Literacy Learning and Teaching.

Before joining the University Jenny had experience teaching in both England and Scotland. During her time in management of schools she had responsibility for monitoring literacy development and attainment across the Early Years and Primary alongside a focus for learning and teaching in the early years.


Teacher Noticing in Language and Literacy Landscapes of Practice
Ellis Susan, Rowe Adele, Carey Jenny, Smith Vivienne
Developing Habits of Noticing in Literacy and Language Classrooms (2019) (2019)
Generating data, generating knowledge : professional development in the Strathclyde literacy clinic
Ellis Susan, Thomson Jane, Carey Jenny
Improving Reading and Reading Engagement in the 21st Century (2017) (2017)
An Evaluation of The Early Years Pedagogue Masters (Phase 1)
Carey Jenny, Karagiannidou Eleni
Families at the margins : mechanisms of inequality and early transition strategies to promote positive change and inclusion
Marwick Helen, Dunlop Aline-Wendy, Carey Jenny, Martlew Joan
European Early Childhood Educational Research Association Conference, Crete, Greece, Sept 2014 (2014)
The Scottish context for the curriculum
Ellis Susan, Carey Jenny
Learning to Teach in the Primary School (2014) (2014)

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Professional activities

Scottish Government: Early Learning & Childcare (External organisation)

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Continuing Engagement in Learning: Tuned into Learning?
Martlew, Joan (Principal Investigator) Carey, Jenny (Research Co-investigator)
The aim of this longitudinal study is to investigate the perspectives held by children and teachers about the learning opportunities, pedagogical approaches and interactions in P 6 for 6 different primary school classes where the children had experienced an active learning pedagogy at the start of their formal schooling in the first year of primary school (P1). This is a follow on study based on an initial study which sought to understand the ways in which P1 children experienced the changing practices of teachers’ interpretations of Active Learning during the initial implementation of the Curriculum for Excellence. (Stephen, Ellis & Martlew ,2009)
22-Jan-2012 - 28-Jan-2013

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