Dr Abigail Colson

Senior Lecturer

Management Science


Personal statement

I joined the University in March 2015, and I’m currently a Lecturer in the Department of Management Science at Strathclyde Business School. My work focuses on decision and uncertainty analysis, including the structuring, elicitation, and validation of expert judgements. Much of my work is in the field of public health, including program evaluation, cost-effectiveness and benefit-cost analysis, and prioritisation. I am particularly interested in health evaluation in low- and mid-income countries, where data is often sparse so needs to be supplemented with expert judgement. I also have a stream of work relating to antimicrobial resistance, including projecting future resistance rates and supporting economic analysis and health technology assessment of new antibiotics. I have worked on projects with government, industry, and third sector organisations from around the world.

I have a PhD in Management Science from the University of Strathclyde, which focused on using expert judgement in the context of public health. I also have an MPP from the University of Chicago and a BA in political science and environmental studies from American University.

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Area of Expertise

  • Structured expert judgement
  • Global health
  • Health economics
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Online training courses on Expert Knowledge Elicitation (EKE)
Sahlin Ullrika, Sánchez Julio Álvarez, Barons Martine, Bolger Fergus, Colson Abigail, Frewer Lynn, Hanea Anca, Hart Andy, Nane Tina, Nauta Maarten, Wilson Kevin
EFSA Supporting Publications Vol 21 (2024)
Developing a theory of change methodology to support the evaluation of place-based systems change interventions to support child and adolescent mental health and wellbeing
Doherty Robyn, Quinn Neil, Colson Abigail, Tucker Amy, Cameron Julie
Evaluation Vol 28, pp. 466-483 (2022)
Optimal subscription models to pay for antibiotics
Barlow Euan, Morton Alec, Megiddo Itamar, Colson Abigail
Social Science and Medicine Vol 298 (2022)
Reference case methods for expert elicitation in healthcare decision making
Bojke Laura, Soares Marta O, Claxton Karl, Colson Abigail, Fox Aimée, Jackson Chris, Jankovic Dina, Morton Alec, Sharples Linda D, Taylor Andrea
Medical Decision Making Vol 42, pp. 182-193 (2022)
Risk assessment of future antibiotic resistance - eliciting and modelling probabilistic dependencies between multivariate uncertainties of bug-drug combinations
Werner Christoph, Colson Abigail, Morton Alec, Bedford Tim
Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics: Mathematics of Computation and Data Science Vol 7 (2021)
Antimicrobial resistance : is health technology assessment part of the solution or part of the problem?
Colson Abigail R, Morton Alec, Årdal Christine, Chalkidou Kalipso, Davies Sally C, Garrison Louis P, Jit Mark, Laxminarayan Ramanan, Megiddo Itamar, Morel Chantal M, Nonvignon Justice, Outterson Kevin, Rex John H, Sarker Abdur Razzaque, Sculpher Mark, Woods Beth, Xiao Yue
Value in Health Vol 24, pp. 1828-1834 (2021)

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Professional Activities

Introduction to the use of modelling in decision-making
World Anti-Microbial Resistance Congress
Structured Expert Judgment to estimate the probability of a major power system unreliability event
Pathways for Improvement in Health Delivery
Invited speaker
Quantifying uncertainty about future antimicrobial resistance with structured expert judgment
Validating expert judgments and the Classical Model

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Credible routes to GB electricity system collapse and the impact of new demand (Supergen FlexiFund)
Colson, Abigail (Principal Investigator) Bedford, Tim (Co-investigator) Bell, Keith (Co-investigator)
10-Jan-2021 - 19-Jan-2022
EFSA EKE Training
Quigley, John (Principal Investigator) Colson, Abigail (Co-investigator)
27-Jan-2018 - 10-Jan-2019
Responsive Operational Research Facility (Full Stage)
Colson, Abigail (Principal Investigator) Megiddo, Itamar (Principal Investigator) Morton, Alec (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2018 - 30-Jan-2022
Cost of psychological trauma in NHS staff
Colson, Abigail (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2018 - 15-Jan-2018
Estimating the Economic Value of Cognitive Benefits From Improved Breastfeeding
Colson, Abigail (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2016 - 01-Jan-2016

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Dr Abigail Colson
Senior Lecturer
Management Science

Email: abigail.colson@strath.ac.uk
Tel: 548 4541