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Personal statement

Amanda Corrigan is Principal Teaching Fellow in the School of Education. She joined the University of Strathclyde in 2005.  In June 2017 she was awarded Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy.

Amanda currently leads an undergraduate programme that was developed with the Omani Government to produce English teacher for Oman - BA (Hons) Education & TESOL. She has developed placement modules on this programme in partnership with Glasgow City Council that allow students to make a contribution to the city's schools. Students teach Arabic as a second language and teach English to children new to Glasgow. 

Amanda was part of the group that established the Strathclyde Hidden Voices Network in 2020. Designed to amplify the voices of families affected by imprisonment, this network has organised a range of events, including six small conferences to support the education of staff working with the children of prisoners. Amanda has supervised a range of dissertations in this area. 

Amanda was Deputy Head of the School of Education with responsibility for taught courses from 2019 to 2022, leading forty-eight programmes with 3k students through the Covid pandemic. She was Associate Dean (Student Experience) in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences from 2015 - 18.  In 2017-18 Amanda was Director of Quality Assurance in the School of Education following on from her time as Director of Student Experience from 2015.  

Amanda is passionate about outreach and enhancing the student experience at the University of Strathclyde.  She has had success in recent years in developing innovative student-led professional development activities, including the Townhead Homework Club and the Children’s Library Club. The first year undergraduate community placement module she developed  was designed to ensure the first year experience is structured to promote a positive transition into Strathclyde but also to allow students to make a difference in the community. Since its inception in 2013, students have committed 140k hours to this outreach from the School of Education. 

Amanda was Course Leader for the bachelor’s degree programmes in Primary Education from 2010 - 2014.  In response to the Donaldson Report, Teaching Scotland’s Future, she was responsible for overseeing the development of the BA (Hons) Primary Education programme which is part of the Humanities and Social Sciences framework for undergraduate students at the University.  This replaced the internationally recognised BEd programme at Strathclyde.

Amanda also has a keen interest in the School of Education’s international work. After a trip to China in 2018, she worked with Dr. Alan Huang and Dr. Iain Moore to develop the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Inernational). This online iPGCE programme has attracted international teachers from across the globe. She travelled to Lahore, Pakistan in 2018 to launch a new Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Issues and Impact developed in partnership with the Crescent Model School.  She has been instrumental in enhancing opportunities for students to study and undertake practicum outwith the UK, particularly in the Netherlands, Sweden and Ireland. She has travelled to Malawi and Egypt to work with university partners to deliver professional development training and to support course design for initial teacher education.

Amanda had been nominated in a range of categories over the past three years at the annual Student Association Teaching Excellence Awards.  She was presented with the award of Most Supportive Teacher in the University of Strathclyde in 2011 and 2013.  In 2014 she gained the University award of Strathclyder of the Year.

Amanda is a member of the General Teaching Council for Scotland.

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Area of Expertise

  • Course development: pedaogogy, student support, assessment
  • Leadership in Higher Education
  • Member of the writing group that developed the current Professional Standards for teachers in Scotland (The General Teaching Council for Scotland, 2013)

  • Course Review - internal, national  and international

  • International Course Development - Malawi, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, China

  • Promotion of student-led professional development
  • Working with marginalised groups to support the education of teachers

Prize And Awards

Strathclyder of the Year
Most Supportive Teacher (Winner)
Most Supportive Teacher (Winner)

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Research Interests

Amanda has presented her work on teacher education, devolved leadership, university outreach and student-led professional development at a range of professional conferences over many years, including conferences hosted by Education Scotland; the Irish National Teachers Organisation; the Department for International Trade; Universities’ Council for the Education of Teachers; Holyrood - Teacher Education; The Higher Education Academy - Enhancement Themes; Association for Chartered Teachers in Scotland (ACTS).

Amanda is currently a doctoral student in the School of Education. On the EdD programme she is researching asset-based approaches to supporting teacher education. Her research project casts adults with experience of exclusion from school as experts in the creation of knowledge and the development of resources that will be used for teacher professional development. 

Her work with students to promote a culture of creativity and to provide wide ranging opportunities for student-led professional development activities has been described as ‘sector leading’ by external stakeholders. 

Professional Activities

What is Education?
Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick
Visiting researcher
Placement Processes in Scotland
Taking a Critical Approach to Educational Improvement
EAL Placement Partnership, Glasgow City Council
The TLC Network: Polmont Young Offenders Teaching the Teachers

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The Migrant Children Project
McCrorie, Kathryn (Academic) Corrigan, Amanda Jane (Academic)
Working with a small group of year 2 education students prior to a TESOL placement. Content based around refugee/EAL children in Glasgow City schools.
Young People in Extended Outreach Teaching the Teachers
Corrigan, Amanda Jane (Principal Investigator)
This project allowed young people who were excluded from mainstream school to support the education of teachers in their own local authority about the experience of being excluded.
26-Jan-2020 - 20-Jan-2021
Strathclyde Hidden Voices Network
Corrigan, Amanda Jane (Principal Investigator)
The Strathclyde Hidden Voices Network is made up of undergraduate students and graduates who have experience of imprisonment in a variety of forms. The network exists to amplify the voices of children and families affected by imprisonment and to support the professional development of those who work with them.
Polmont Young Offenders Teaching the Teachers
Corrigan, Amanda Jane (Principal Investigator)
A group of young offenders on long term sentences took on the role of teachers for a class of PGDE students. The purpose of the project was to help new teachers hear the authentic voice of one group of young people in order to help them consider their own role in supporting marginalised pupils in school.
18-Jan-2018 - 30-Jan-2019
Teacher Education Students' Attitudes to an International Experience.
Santoro, Ninetta (Principal Investigator) Sosu, Edward (Co-investigator) Corrigan, Amanda Jane (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2013 - 01-Jan-2014
Member of the Writing Group for the General Teaching Council for Scotland's Standards Working Group
Corrigan, Amanda Jane (Academic)
Creation of the Standards for Provisional and Full Registration for Scotland's teachers
17-Jan-2011 - 22-Jan-2012

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Mrs Amanda Jane Corrigan
Principal Teaching Fellow

Tel: 444 8041