Dr Joanne Cummings

Teaching Associate


Personal statement

Joanne is responsible for the design and delivery of high quality research-led teaching materials in Psychology, establishing and undertaking student assessment activities and supervising the work of students. Joanne's research interests include cognitive function and rehabilitation following brain trauma, factors that may influence perceptions of cognition, cognitive measurement, physical activity, health behaviours, and methodologies. Joanne has been involved in a number of research projects with stroke survivors, with the aim of improving psychological and physical health outcomes.


BA Undergraduate Psychology

First Year Psychology Tutor

C8105 Psychology 1A Class Leader

C8106 Psychology 1B Class Leader

C8107 Introduction to Psychology Class Leader

C8422 Psychology of Physical Activity Class Leader

Online MSc Psychology with a specialisation in *Business

C8980 Conceptual and Historical Issues in Psychology and Individual Differences (CHIP&ID) Class Leader

C8980 CHIP&ID: Modularity of Mind.

C8924 & C8984 Psychobiology and Cognitive Psychology: Mapping Brain Structure to Function.

C8982 Research Design and Analyses in Psychology: Null Hypothesis Testing, Multiple Regression, and Questionnaire and Survey Design.

Research interests

Joanne is passionate about the psychology of physical activity. She has been involved in a number of research projects that aimed to improve psychological and physical health outcomes by increasing levels of activity in stroke survivors. This was the focus of Joanne's PhD. More recently she has supervised research projects that applies psychological theory, such as Self-Determination Theory and the Prototype Willingness Model to sedentary behaviour. She has also in the last year or so been investigating imposter syndrome in students particularly focusing on other factors that might influence the imposter syndrome - psychological distress relationship. Other interests of Joanne's include cognitive measurement in those who have sustained brain trauma and methodologies such as the N-of-1 approach. 



Professional activities

Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation (Journal)
Peer reviewer
Psychology Teaching Review (Journal)
Peer reviewer
UK Stroke Forum
British Psychological Society (The) (External organisation)
Higher Education Academy (FHEA) (External organisation)
The Value of Community in Support Students' Transitions Outside University

more professional activities