Professor Scott Cunningham



The consequences of blockchain architectures for the governance of public services : a case study of the movement of excise goods under duty exemptions
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An integrated solution for detecting rising technology stars in co-inventor networks
Zhu Lin, Zhu Donghua, Wang Xuefeng, Cunningham Scott W, Wang Zhinan
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Assessing the readiness of academia in the topic of false and unverified information
Ebrahimi Fard Amir, Cunningham Scott
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Rumour as an anomaly : rumour detection with one-class classification
Ebrahimi Fard Amir, Mohammadi Majid, Cunningham Scott, van de Walle Bartel
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Formation and output of collaborations : the role of proximity in German nanotechnology
Werker Claudia, Korzinov Vladimir, Cunningham Scott
Journal of Evolutionary Economics Vol 29, pp. 697-719 (2019)
Concepts and constructs of urban sensing
Cunningham Scott, Verbraeck Alexander
International Conference on Technology Management, Operations and Decisions 2018 IEEE International Conference on Technology Management, Operations and Decisions (ICTMOD), pp. 184-189 (2018)

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