Professor Scott Cunningham



Indicators on firm level innovation activities from web scraped data
Ashouri Sajad, Suominen Arho, Hajikhani Arash, Pukelis Lukas, Schubert Torben, Türkeli Serdar, Van Beers Cees, Cunningham Scott
Data in Brief Vol 42 (2022)
Connecting firm's web scraped textual content to body of science : utilizing Microsoft Academic Graph hierarchical topic modeling
Hajikhani Arash, Pukelis Lukas, Suominen Arho, Ashouri Sajad, Schubert Torben, Notten Ad, Cunningham Scott W
MethodsX Vol 9 (2022)
Unveiling the knowledge structure of technological forecasting and social change (1969-2020) through an NMF-based hierarchical topic model
Zhu Lin, Cunningham Scott W
Technological Forecasting and Social Change Vol 174 (2022)
Data science as knowledge creation a framework for synergies between data analysts and domain professionals
van der Voort Haiko, van Bulderen Sabine, Cunningham Scott, Janssen Marijn
Technological Forecasting and Social Change Vol 173 (2021)
Extracting spatiotemporal commuting patterns from public transit data
Verma Trivik, Sirenko Mikhail, Kornecki Itto, Cunningham Scott W, Araujo Nuno A M
Journal of Urban Mobility Vol 1 (2021)
Parallel or intersecting lines? Intelligent bibliometrics for investigating the involvement of data science in policy analysis
Zhang Yi, Porter Alan L, Cunningham Scott W, Chiavetta Denise, Newman Nils
IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management Vol 68, pp. 1259-1271 (2021)

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