Dr Marco De Angelis


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Personal statement

Welcome to my university web page. I am a lecturer (assistant professor) at the Centre for Intelligent Infrastructure within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. I am interested in the efficiency of computation carried out with imprecisely specified numbers. A number can be specified as an interval, a pair of moments, a probability distribution, an imprecisely specified distribution, and many more. There are numerous advantages that follow from being able to explicitly compute with imprecision. First, we can automatically propagate the uncertainty for model verification. Second, we can make rigorous inference with scarce empirical data for model calibration and validation. These methods are very useful to build trust in simulation for structural reliability and structural health monitoring. 

I obtained a PhD in risk and uncertainty in 2015 from the University of Liverpool’s Institute for Risk and Uncertainty. I hold a Bachelor and Master of Engineering both cum laude in civil and environmental engineering awarded by the University of Rome, Roma Tre. After the PhD, I was research associate and academic manager of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Risk and Uncertainty of the University of Liverpool for over two years. In 2018 I was appointed research associate for the EPSRC-UKRI Programme Grant on digital twins for improved dynamic design.

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Area of Expertise

Failure probability. 

Interval computation. 

Statistics for imprecise data. 

Probability bounds analysis. 

Inference from scarce data. 

Model calibration with uncertainty. 

Code optimisation. 

Rigorous integration of ODEs. 

Prize And Awards

Bronze poster award
Teaching and Learning Award.
ISIPTA-IJAR Young Researcher Award

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Regionally adjusted stochastic earthquake ground motion models, associated variabilities and epistemic uncertainties
Sunny Jaleena, de Angelis Marco, Edwards Benjamin
Journal of Seismology (2024)
Towards an automatic uncertainty compiler
Gray Nicholas, de Angelis Marco, Ferson Scott
International Journal of Approximate Reasoning Vol 160 (2023)
Verified bounds on the imprecise failure probability with the SIVIA algorithm
De Angelis Marco, Gray Ander
13th International Symposium on Imprecise Probabilities: Theories and Applications (2023)
Uncertainty propagation of missing data signals with the interval discrete Fourier transform
Behrendt Marco, de Angelis Marco, Beer Michael
ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems, Part A: Civil Engineering Vol 9 (2023)
Bivariate dependency tracking in interval arithmetic
Gray Ander, De Angelis Marco, Patelli Edoardo, Ferson Scott
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing Vol 186, pp. 109771 (2023)
Robust online updating of a digital twin with imprecise probability
de Angelis Marco, Gray Ander, Ferson Scott, Patelli Edoardo
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing Vol 186 (2023)

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Structural engineering theory

Computer programming

Interval computation.

Probability theory

Currently I teach overdeterminate structures to third year students both Strathclyde and IJEP, and dynamics of multi-degree-of-freedom systems to fourth year GA students. The teaching and assessment material for the dynamics class was developed by Dr Douglas and me from scratch. Overall, I teach a total of 22.5 credits. 

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Dr Marco De Angelis
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Email: marco.de-angelis@strath.ac.uk
Tel: Unlisted