Dr Alexander Dickson

Senior Lecturer


Personal statement

Alex Dickson is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics at the University of Strathclyde, where he has been a member of the faculty since 2008. He received his PhD in Economics from the University of Keele in 2005 and held a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Manchester from 2005-2007.

Alex is a microeconomist, and has research interests in the fields of bilateral oligopoly and contests where he exploits his understanding of aggregative games; in industrial organisation; and in behavioural economics.

He is very willing to supervise suitably qualified PhD students in his fields of interest.

Alex will also provide thoughtful and clear economic advice on a consultancy basis, particularly in the areas of Industrial Economics and Behavioural Economics.

Alex currently teaches classes on Microeconomics (yr 3); Behavioural Economics (hons); Industrial Organisation (SGPE MSc); and Game Theory (MSc and MBA). He is also Director of Postgraduate Research.


Has expertise in:

    1. Applied Microeconomic Theory
    2. Game Theory
    3. Behavioural Economics
    4. Industrial Economics

    I am very happy to supervise suitably qualified PhD students in these areas; please get in touch if you want to discuss a potential research project.


2002-2005: Ph.D. Economics, Keele University, UK.Thesis title: On strategic Marshallian analysis: Shapley and Shubik meet Mar-shall and Cournot. Funded by ESRC Ph.D. studentship award number PTA-030-2003-00278. Awarded with a commendation by the examiners. Supervisors:Prof. R. Hartley (Manchester) and Prof. T. Worrall (Keele). Examiners: Prof.S. Ghosal (Warwick) and Prof. R. Cornes (Nottingham).

2001-2002: MSc. Economics, University of Manchester, UK.Awarded with Distinction. Dissertation title: A study of alternative strategicmarket game mechanisms. Funded by University of Manchester scholarship.

1998-2001: BA Economics and Finance, Keele University, UK.Awarded with 1st class honours.


An introduction to imperfect competition via bilateral oligopoly
Dickson Alexander, Tonin Simone
Supply chain risk network management : a bayesian belief network and expected utility based approach for managing supply chain risks
Qazi Abroon, Dickson Alex, Quigley John, Gaudenzi Barbara
International Journal of Production Economics, pp. 24-42 (2018)
Asymmetric reference-dependent reciprocity, downward wage rigidity, and the employment contract
Dickson Alex, Fongoni Marco
Rent-seeking incentives in share contests
Dickson Alex, MacKenzie Ian A, Sekeris Petros G
Journal of Public Economics Vol 166, pp. 53-62 (2018)
Strategic trade in pollution permits
Dickson Alexander, MacKenzie Ian
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, pp. 1-37 (2017)
Multiple-aggregate games
Dickson Alex
The Theory of Externalities and Public Goods (2017) (2017)

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I believe in teaching Economics in a rigorous yet accessible way. I have teaching interests in Microeconomics; Game Theory; Behavioural Economics and Industrial Economics.

I currently teach Microeconomics (yr 3); Behavioural Economics (hons); Industrial Organisation (SGPE MSc); and Game Theory (MSc and MBA).

Research interests

My primary research interests are in Microeconomics, in particular in: game theoretic approaches to general and partial models of competitive behavior; aggregative games with applications to contests and strategic market games; endogenous timing in games and commitment; and behavioral economics and game theory. I have further broad interests in industrial organization, international trade and applied game theory in general.

Professional activities

Economics Seminar at University of St Gallen
Contests: Theory and Evidence
Economics Seminar
Workshop in Honour of Professor Richard Cornes
Workshop on Strategic Interactions in General Equilibrium

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Funding support for PhD studentship on seal-fishery bioeconomic modelling
Cook, Robin (Principal Investigator) Dickson, Alexander (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2012 - 31-Jan-2015

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