Dr Kellyanne Findlay

Senior Teaching Fellow



Personal statement

I joined the University of Strathclyde in 2003. My background is in vision science and this is reflected in my teaching and research.

I have been Deputy Head of School of Psychological Sciences and Health since August 2021.

I formed the Pedagogy and Scholarship group in the School of Psychological Sciences and Health in 2019 and continue to chair this group.

From 2016-2022, I was the Course Leader for the MSc Psychology with a Specialisation in Business or Health conversion course.


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Prize And Awards

Faculty Teaching Excellence Award

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Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS) since 2011

Associate Fellow of the BPS since 2012.

Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy since March 2019

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy since 2012

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Research Interests

My pedagogical research interests include;

  • best practise in online teaching and assessment;
  • use of technology in teaching, e.g. effectiveness of polling apps in teaching;
  • students' perceptions of success/failure;
  • the impact of fear of failure / attitudes towards failure on student outcomes.

My discipline-specific research focusses on depth perception, specifically binocular (stereoscopic) depth perception, and the functional impact of poor or absent stereoscopic depth perception.

Professional Activities

From School and College to University: Contemporary Issues in Teaching Psychology
British Psychological Society Scottish Branch 2023 Postgraduate Conference
National Teaching Repository (Publisher)
Peer reviewer
American Psychological Association (External organisation)
Vevox Pedagogy Series
CPD in PSH: Developing and applying skills in psychological science across health, social care and industry

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Using AI to support student success
Findlay, Kellyanne (Principal Investigator)
AI was used to generate examples for a newly introduced research proposal assessment. These AI-generated examples were then evaluated by students. This case study used AI to promote active student engagement, develop critical thinking skills, model academic integrity, and introduce students to AI tools that have the potential to create a more inclusive learning experience.
16-Jan-2023 - 15-Jan-2023
Lecture Summary Preference: Dynamic Sway vs Static Infographic
Findlay, Kellyanne (Principal Investigator)
This case study investigated students' preference for dynamic Microsoft Sway lecture summaries compared to static infographic summaries.
19-Jan-2022 - 31-Jan-2023
Students' perceptions of success
Findlay, Kellyanne (Principal Investigator) Rasmussen, Susan (Research Co-investigator) Williams, Damien (Research Co-investigator) Mawson, Suzanne (Research Co-investigator) Casulli, Lucrezia (Research Co-investigator)
This research project will investigate students' perceptions of success, with a particular focus on students from diverse communities.
Case study: Vevox as a tool for student engagement
Findlay, Kellyanne (Principal Investigator)
15-Jan-2021 - 12-Jan-2022
Learning from failure project
Findlay, Kellyanne (Principal Investigator) Rasmussen, Susan (Co-investigator) McGilvray, Lisa (Co-investigator) Williams, Damien (Co-investigator)
A mixed methods pedagogical research project exploring the role of "failure" on student learning. The project seeks to understand student perceptions of failure, and how it influences learning.
Investigation of the gender split of research placement students
Findlay, Kellyanne (Principal Investigator)
This analysis of the gender of students successfully participating in a summer research placement was designed to 1. establish whether proportionally fewer males than females opted to take the placement 2. lead to further research on the underlying causes.

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Dr Kellyanne Findlay
Senior Teaching Fellow

Email: kellyanne.findlay@strath.ac.uk
Tel: 548 4755