Professor Richard Finlay



Robert McIntyre
Finlay Richard
Scottish National Party Leaders (2016) (2016)
Andrew Fletcher, England, Europe and the Search for a New British Polity
Finlay Richard
Exporting the covenant : Scottish missionary tales and africa, c1870 - c.1920
Finlay Richard
Scotland and the 19th Century World (2012) (2012)
Thatcherism, unionism and nationalism : a comparative study of Scotland and Wales
Finlay Richard
Making Thatcher's Britain (2012) (2012)
The interwar crisis : the failure of extremism
Finlay Richard
The oxford handbook of modern scottish history (2012) (2012)
A history of everyday life in twentieth-century Scotland
Finlay R J
Journal of British Studies Vol 50, pp. 755-756 (2011)

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