Dr Brian Garvey

Senior Lecturer

Work, Employment and Organisation

Personal statement

I re-joined the Department of Human Resource Management at Strathclyde after spending several years linking participative research and education methods towards community transformation,  labour organisation and environmental management.  My research has linked social and physical sciences through Geography and Sociology and currently explores migration and worker resistance in relation to corporate agroenergy monoculture, and investigates socially committed,integrated food and energy production along with engineering scientists and rural workers in Brazil and Scotland.    


Has expertise in:

    Experienced in participative and action research methodologies; consistently worked across disciplines to place changes to work and labour in the context of new technologies, new sites of production and emerging commodity chains.  Creative group facilitation and worker representation beyond traditional academic practices.

Prizes and awards

Best doctoral presentation

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The mythical shapeshifting of capital and petrification of labour : deepening conflict on the agrofuel frontier
Garvey Brian, Souza Edevaldo Aparecido, Rodrigues Mendonça Marcelo, dos Santos Crispim Valmir, Portes Virginio Francis Vinicius
Antipode Vol 51, pp. 1185-1209 (2019)
The State of Northern Ireland and the Democratic Deficit : Between Sectarianism and Neoliberalism
Stewart Paul, McKearney Tommy, Ó Machail Gearóid, Campbell Patricia, Garvey Brian
A ocupação do Cerrado goiano pelo agronegócio canavieiro
Rodrigues de Oliveira Adriano, Gomes Ferreira Lara Cristine, Garvey Brian
Revista Nera Vol 21, pp. 79-100 (2018)
The perforated borders of labour migration and the formal state : meta-state and para-state regulation
Virginio Francis Vinicius Portes, Garvey Brian, Stewart Paul
Employee Relations Vol 39, pp. 391-407 (2017)
At the cutting edge : precarious work in Brazil's sugar and ethanol industry
Garvey Brian, Barreto Maria Joseli
Neoliberal Capitalism and Precarious Work (2016) (2016)
Work, Water and Food on the Energy Frontiers : Challenges and Futures for 21st Century Technologies in Scotland and Brazil
Stewart Paul, Garvey Brian, João Elsa, Tuohy Paul, Silva Plata Catalina, Mendonca Marcelo, Oliveira Adriano Rodriques, Santos Crispin, Alves Leonardo Costa, Gonçalves Ricardo J Assis F, Souza Edevaldo Aparecido, Mazzu Alessia, Sheridan Paul, Shearer Alexander, Breen Lewis, de Bartolo Candice

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I have taught on the Department's undergraduate course and the Masters in International Human Resource Management over the last two years. I have also taught extensively in community education settings and on the Sustainable Communities course with Queen's University Belfast

Professional activities

Trabalho Migrante: From research to Action in the pandemic
Launch of the Centre for the Political Economy of Labour
Trabalho Migrante: confronting the deficit in labour rights
Exemptions from the values of life across new energy commodity chains
Migration and transformation: confronting the deficit in labour rights
Migration and transformation: confronting the deficit in labour rights

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Pesticide, labour and public health
Garvey, Brian (Principal Investigator) Briken, Kendra (Co-investigator)
Interdisciplinary, strategic research project to link hazardous chemicals to agricultural workplace risk
01-Jan-2019 - 31-Jan-2019
So who is building sustainable development? Transforming exploitative labour along southern corridors of migration (ESRC Global Challenges)
Portes Virginio, Francis Vinicius (Researcher) Garvey, Brian (Principal Investigator) Stewart, Paul (Co-investigator) Alves, José (Co-investigator)
The participatory research aims to investigate and transform the increasingly widespread link between the concentration of migrants in need of humanitarian protection along migration corridors in the Brazilian Amazonia region; the requirement of large and flexible workforces for large infrastructure projects including construction and agribusiness; exploitative labour conditions in these industries that that are part of ‘sustainable development’ agendas. The project engages workers from Brazil, Haiti, Colombia, Venezuela, Senegal and various other African states in order to:
document the influence of formal and informal agents on the migrant workers' journey and employment
identify deficits in dignified work and social protection
Collectively propose transformative solutions via a range of media;
facilitate direct social dialogue between migrant workers, project partners and government, industrial, labour and non-profit agencies,at state, regional and national level
03-Jan-2018 - 26-Jan-2021
So who is building sustainable development? Transforming exploitative labour along southern corridor (GCRF)
Garvey, Brian (Principal Investigator) Stewart, Paul (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2018 - 28-Jan-2021
Exploring social justice in Community forestry
Garvey, Brian (Principal Investigator)
20-Jan-2018 - 31-Jan-2019
Major Tom to Ground Control: new integrated assessment for local renewable energy Funding:
Tuohy, Paul Gerard (Principal Investigator) Garvey, Brian (Co-investigator) João, Elsa (Co-investigator)
This multidisciplinary research project builds upon effective engagement with Brazilian partners over a three year period to innovate and integrate local assessment for new energy forms with an analysis of socio-economic challenges and conflicts in three rural regions of Brazil.
2 January Agrarian Reform settlement, Descalvado, Brazil
Milton Santos agrarian reform settlement Brazil
UNISON Scotland
18-Jan-2016 - 28-Jan-2017
EPSRC Institutional Sponsorship: Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) / R160677-109
Garvey, Brian (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2016 - 31-Jan-2017

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Work, Employment and Organisation
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