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Personal statement

As a principal knowledge exchange fellow I lead the development of play within a range of early years settings from ages 3-8, across a variety of Local Authorities delivering Continual Professional Development to teachers and educators to enable them to be confident in delivering child led learning.  I have been very successful in securing a range of funding to improve impact of the following : 

  • Creating effective learning environments for young children
  • Engagement and Interaction
  • Documenting young children's learning
  • Literacy and the young child
  • Pushing Play into P2
  • Reflections and Developments 

My focus in Knowledge Exchange has its foundations in strong, active and innovative networks that operate in local, regional and national contexts. This character is a strength and essential to the pedagogic, collaborative and research aims that underpin it.  Within these contexts, I have a strong and recognised track record specifically in the field of early years education. This has resulted in successfully securing a range of contracts, including in this academic year, which are clearly set to development further across Local Authorities in Scotland. My reputation is as an academic who develops new knowledge exchange programmes driven by robust research methodologies and innovative techniques. Over the last 3 years (2016-2019) I have worked closely with a research assistant to ensure that key findings are embedded in my training. 

I have tracked different methods of documenting young children's learning within the nursery sector and early primary to establish the effect on children's thinking. I work with educators to continually develop new creative ways of documenting learning - successful examples include learning walls, documentation stories, profiles.

I have been commissioned by various Local Authorities to deliver key note presentations focussing on my research into play based learning.  

My training and research combines to impact early years education in Scotland. 

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An exploration of practices for rights-based education through promoting voice in the early years : building a spider’s web
Robinson Carol, Wall Kate, Murray Jane, Evans Erica, Grogan Deirdre, Bowes Charlotte
Children’s Voice and Agency in Diverse Settings International Research and Perspectives (2024) (2024)
The national picture : early childhood education and care in Scotland
Arnott Lorna, Grogan Deirdre
The Early Years Foundation Stage Theory and Practice (2021) (2021)
Pushing play in primary : findings from three case study classes
Arnott Lorna, Lamb Christie, Milligan Kayleigh, Connor Nicola, Grogan Deirdre
SERA Research Education Bulletin, pp. 44-50 (2020)
Realising the Ambition - Being Me : National Practice Guidance for Early Years in Scotland
Crichton Vicky, Carwood-Edwards Jean, Ryan Janine, McTaggart James, Collins Janice, MacConnell Mary Pat, Wallace Lesley, Diamond Catherine, Grogan Deirdre, Carey Jenny, MacAulay Liz, Shaw Nicky, Gill Catriona, Johnston Kathleen
Changing pedagogy in Scottish primary schools : insights from the exploring pedagogy in primary 1 (EPP1) project
Duncan Pauline, Grogan Deirdre
SERA Research Education Bulletin (2019)
The Exploring Pedagog in Primary 1 Project: Glasgow City Council Final Report : An evaluation of the efficacy and impact of the 'Exploring Pedagogy in Primary 1' professional development programme in five primary schools across Glasgow City Council
Duncan P, Grogan D

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Professional Activities

Me As An Individual
The Journey of Play
Strathclyde Conference - Play Beyond P1
Journey of Play
Managing Play
Play - Stories for a Reason, a Season & a Lifetime

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Exploring Pedagogy in Primary 1 - Phase 4
Grogan, Deirdre (Principal Investigator)
19-Jan-2019 - 26-Jan-2020
Pedagogy in Primary 1 : Cohort 4 : Renfrewshire Council
Grogan, Deirdre (Principal Investigator)
This is the final cohort of teachers within Renfrewshire Council to explore how to implement play within the class setting. These include how young children learn, the role of the learning environment and effective interaction.
05-Jan-2019 - 31-Jan-2020
ABC does it with Deirdre Grogan
Grogan, Deirdre (Principal Investigator)
21-Jan-2019 - 21-Jan-2019
Renfrewshire Graduates Training
Grogan, Deirdre (Principal Investigator)
This course combines research, knowledge exchange and support visits to staff across 26 early years establishments in Renfrewshire Council.
18-Jan-2019 - 31-Jan-2020
Working Together for the Early Years : Scottish Story Telling Centre, Edinburgh
Grogan, Deirdre (Principal Investigator)
Title "There are no high heels or a home corner in primary 1" - This keynote explores a recent research project carried out with Dr Pauline Duncan in Renfrewshire Council.
09-Jan-2019 - 09-Jan-2019
Development of Pedagogy within Primary 1 : Hallglen Primary
Grogan, Deirdre (Principal Investigator)
This training is designed to support teachers within their own class settings to develop the role of play and to allow children to lead their own learning
04-Jan-2019 - 31-Jan-2019

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Ms Deirdre Grogan
Principal Knowledge Exchange Fellow

Tel: 444 8055