Dr Benoit Jack Eloi Guilhabert

Research Fellow

Institute of Photonics


Deterministic integration of single nanowire devices with on-chip photonics and electronics
Jevtics D, Guilhabert B, Hurtado A, Dawson MD, Strain MJ
Progress in Quantum Electronics (2022)
Spatially dense integration of micron-scale devices from multiple materials on a single chip via transfer-printing
Jevtics Dimitars, Smith Jack A, McPhillimy John, Guilhabert Benoit, Hill Paul, Klitis Charalambos, Hurtado Antonio, Sorel Marc, Tan Hark Hoe, Jagadish Chennupati, Dawson Martin D, Strain Michael J
Optical Materials Express Vol 11, pp. 3567-3576 (2021)
Automated alignment in mask-free photolithography enabled by micro-LED arrays
Stonehouse M, Blanchard A, Guilhabert B, Zhang Y, Gu E, Watson I M, Herrnsdorf J, Dawson M D
Electronics Letters Vol 57, pp. 721-723 (2021)
Method for inferring the mechanical strain of GaN-on-Si epitaxial layers using optical profilometry and finite element analysis
Spiridon B F, Toon M, Hinz A, Ghosh S, Fairclough S M, Guilhabert B J E, Strain M J, Watson I M, Dawson M D, Wallis D J, Oliver R A
Optical Materials Express Vol 11, pp. 1643-1655 (2021)
Suspension and transfer printing of ZnCdMgSe membranes from an InP substrate
Chappell George A, Guilhabert Benoit, Garcia Thor, Zhao Kuaile, Watson Ian M, Dawson Martin D, Tamargo Maria C, Hastie Jennifer E
Optical Materials Express Vol 10, pp. 3328-3341 (2020)
High-throughput electrical characterization of nanomaterials from room to cryogenic temperatures
Smith Luke W, Batey Jack O, Alexander-Webber Jack A, Fan Ye, Hsieh Yu Chiang, Fung S, Jevtics Dimitars, Robertson Joshua, Guilhabert Benoit JE, Strain Michael J, Dawson Martin D, Hurtado Antonio, Griffiths Jonathan P, Beere Harvey E, Jagadish Chennupati, Burton Oliver J, Hofmann Stephan, Chen Tse Ming, Ritchie David A, Kelly Michael, Joyce Hannah J, Smith Charles G
ACS Nano Vol 14, pp. 15293-15305 (2020)

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Professional activities

Progress towards transfer printing of II-VI and III-V DBR-free VECSELs
Investigations into group IV photonic waveguides with a wide working optical bandwidth
Integrated Photonics Research, Silicon, and Nano-Photonics 2019 (OSA Advanced Photonics Congress)
Transfer printing of semiconductor nanowire lasers for nanophotonic device fabrication
Transfer printing of semiconductor devices at the micro- and nano-scale
Transfer printing technologies for nano-scale heterogeneous integration

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'Hetero-print': A holistic approach to transfer-printing for heterogeneous integration in manufacturing
Dawson, Martin (Principal Investigator) Martin, Robert (Co-investigator) Strain, Michael (Co-investigator) Watson, Ian (Co-investigator) Guilhabert, Benoit Jack Eloi (Research Co-investigator)
'Hetero-Print': A Holistic approach to transfer-printing for heterogeneous integration in manufacturing
01-Jan-2018 - 31-Jan-2023
Building Global Engagements in Research
Littlejohn, David (Principal Investigator) Anaya-Lara, Olimpo (Academic) Ault, Graham (Academic) Bennet, Derek James (Academic) Birch, David (Academic) Booth, Campbell (Academic) Burt, Graeme (Academic) Chen, Yu (Academic) Chen, Haofeng (Academic) Fedorov, Maxim (Academic) Finney, Stephen (Academic) Fletcher, Ashleigh (Academic) Gu, Erdan (Academic) Guilhabert, Benoit Jack Eloi (Academic) Hastie, Jennifer (Academic) Jaroszynski, Dino (Academic) Johnston, Andrea (Academic) Judd, Martin (Academic) Kockar, Ivana (Academic) Lamprou, Dimitrios (Academic) Laurand, Nicolas (Academic) Macdonald, Malcolm (Academic) Massoubre, David (Academic) Mathieson, Keith (Academic) McKnight, Loyd (Academic) Nordon, Alison (Academic) Norman, Patrick (Academic) Oliveira, Monica (Academic) Papoff, Francesco (Academic) Patwardhan, Siddharth (Academic) Portugues, Iliana (Academic) Scanlon, Thomas (Academic) Sefcik, Jan (Academic) Seib, Philipp (Academic) Skabara, Peter (Academic) Stack, Margaret (Academic) Stephen, Bruce (Academic) Tuttle, Tell (Academic) Ulijn, Rein (Academic) Xiao, Qing (Academic) Yan, Xiu (Academic) Zagnoni, Michele (Academic) Dawson, Martin (Co-investigator) Florence, Alastair (Co-investigator) Graham, Duncan (Co-investigator) McArthur, Stephen (Co-investigator) Reese, Jason (Co-investigator) Zhang, Yonghao (Co-investigator) Ivanistsev, Vladislav (Researcher) Jawor-Baczynska, Anna Malgorzata (Researcher) Jones, Catherine (Researcher) McGlone, Thomas (Researcher) McKendry, Jonathan (Researcher)
The EPSRC awarded the University of Strathclyde £499,040 to support activities where the main objective was to increase the level and number of sustainable global engagements between leading researchers at the University of Strathclyde and top researchers in the USA and Asia.

The research themes selected for the programme featured internationally leading groups at Strathclyde that are well supported by the EPSRC. Each theme is headed by a recognised pioneer in their field supported by a number of associated world class researchers. The five thematic areas were: Photonics, Power & Energy, Advanced Engineering; Advanced Manufacturing, and Bionanotechnology.

Strathclyde identified key international partners at various institutions in the USA and Asia with whom we wished to develop more strategic, mutually beneficial, relationships. We adopted a “best with best” approach, identifying internationally leading researchers who aligned well with several of our own EPSRC funded internationally leading experts. Existing interactions with the groups in the USA and Asia were at different stages of development so we aimed to escalate the relationship engagement levels from Tier 3 (Emergent), through Tier 2 (Developing) to Tier 1 (Strategic). The intention was to develop as many of the relationships as possible during the period of the award so that longer-term interactions could be established thereafter.
01-Jan-2012 - 31-Jan-2013

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