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Dr Michael John Harker



Personal statement

I joined Strathclyde in 2004 after some years in London.

I have two main themes in my research activity. The first of these concerns the relationships between organisations and consumers and how they learn about each other as these relationships are initiated, developed and maintained - but also how and why they end. These are issues that concern all of us. It is far more likely than not that you will be transferring vast amounts of personal information to private enterprises via your 'loyalty cards' and/or your social media activities. A recent focus in my research has been to try and draw connections between concepts and theory in relationally based marketing and elements of human resource management - to better comprehend the humans in these relationships inside and outside the organisation.

The second theme is research into the who, what, how and why of business education with a particular focus on marketing. I recently completed a nationwide project with the support of the Higher Education Academy on current undergraduate teaching provision at British universities.

If my name is familiar to you, it is most likely as one of the names from the cover of our best-selling textbook - 'Marketing: An Introduction'. The third edition of this will appear in Spring 2015.


Has expertise in:

    Loyalty schemes

    Relationship management

    Digital and social media marketing

    Curriculum design


Prizes and awards

Nominated - Teaching Excellence Awards
Teaching Excellence Award - Best Teacher - Business School
Shortlisted - Best Teacher at Business School
Shortlisted - Most Innovative Teacher
Shortlisted - Best Teacher in Faculty
Nominated - Teaching Excellence Awards

more prizes and awards


International market entry mode : a systematic literature review
Schellenberg Michael, Harker Michael, Jafari Aliakbar
Journal of Strategic Marketing, pp. 1-27, (2017)
Marketing : An Introduction
Harker Michael, Brennan Ross, Kotler Philip, Armstrong Gary
Management education by the French Grandes Ecoles de Commerce
Harker Michael, Hynes Niki, Caemmerer Barbara
Academy of Management Learning and Education, (2015)
Human resource management, services and relationship marketing : the potential for cross-fertilisation
Giannakis Damianos, Harker Michael J, Baum Tom
Journal of Strategic Marketing, (2015)
Marketing and entrepreneurship : an integrated view from the entrepreneur's perspective
Lam Wing, Harker Michael
International Small Business Journal, (2014)
When is a dissertation not a dissertation?
Harker Michael, Dennis June
47th Academy of Marketing Conference, (2014)

more publications


I am the class leader for MK111: Introduction to Marketing. This is the introductory class in marketing taken by a very high proportion of students in their first year at Strathclyde Business School. Given the size of the class, about one in eight of all undergraduate students at the institution are either in that class or have been in previous years.

I also make teaching contributions on more specialised subjects - especially digital marketing and social media - on both undergraduate and postgraduate classes.