Dr Johannes Herrnsdorf

Strathclyde Chancellor's Fellow

Institute of Photonics

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Dr. Johannes Herrnsdorf is a research associate at the Institute of Photonics. His main interests are the exploration of the physics of gallium nitride micro-LEDs and their development towards a wide range of applications including communications and imaging.

His research has equipped him with a broad background in semiconductor-based photonics, including solution processible organic and inorganic materials for colour conversion and lasers, and semiconductor devices for operation from the ultra-violet through to the near infrared wavelengths. He currently focusses on structured digital illumination, which is scalable from microscopic through to kilometre ranges, and on the few-photon operation of LED-enabled optical links. Dr Herrnsdorf has been awarded an EPSRC UKRI Innovation Fellowship to support his work on structured illumination and digital lighting at the few-photon level.

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Gigabit per second visible light communication based on AlGaInP red micro-LED micro-transfer printed onto diamond and glass
Carreira J F C, Xie E, Bian R, Herrnsdorf J, Haas H, Gu E, Strain M J, Dawson M D
Optics Express Vol 28, pp. 12149-12156 (2020)
Micro-LEDs for technological convergence between displays, optical communications, and sensing and imaging systems
Dawson Martin D, Herrnsdorf Johannes, Xie Enyuan, Gu Erdan, McKendry Jonathan, Griffiths Alexander D, Strain Michael J
Display Week 2020 (2020)
Direct integration of micro-LEDs and a SPAD detector on a silicon CMOS chip for data communications and time-of-flight ranging
Carreira J F C, Griffiths A D, Xie E, Guilhabert B J E, Herrnsdorf J, Henderson R K, Gu E, Strain M J, Dawson M D
Optics Express Vol 28, pp. 6909-6917 (2020)
Gallium nitride micro-light-emitting diode structured light sources for multi-modal optical wireless communications systems
Griffiths A D, Herrnsdorf J, McKendry J J D, Strain M J, Dawson M D
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences Vol 378 (2020)
Multispectral time-of-flight imaging using light-emitting diodes
Griffiths Alexander D, Chen Haochang, Li David Day-Uei, Henderson Robert K, Herrnsdorf Johannes, Dawson Martin D, Strain Michael J
Optics Express Vol 27, pp. 35485-35498 (2019)
Microscale automated alignment and spatial tracking through structured illumination
Stonehouse Mark, Blanchard Alex, Guilhabert Benoit, Watson Ian M, Gu Erdan, Herrnsdorf Johannes, Dawson Martin D
2019 IEEE Photonics Conference (IPC) IEEE Photonics Conference 2019 (2019)

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Professional activities

Gallium nitride micro-LED drive circuits for visible light communications
Invited speaker
Glasgow Science Festival
High speed spatial encoding enabled by CMOS-controlled micro-LED arrays
Explorathon 2015

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Fraunhofer UK Research Limited: Studentship Agreement | Blanchard, Alexander
Dawson, Martin (Principal Investigator) Herrnsdorf, Johannes (Co-investigator) Strain, Michael (Co-investigator) Blanchard, Alexander (Research Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2019 - 01-Jan-2022
Structured illumination and digital lighting at the few-photon level (full proposal)
Herrnsdorf, Johannes (Fellow)
29-Jan-2018 - 28-Jan-2021

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