Dr Allan Hewitt

Senior Teaching Fellow

School of Psychological Sciences and Health

Personal statement

As Head of School, I am

I am involved in a range of research projects, mostly involving mobile technology as applied to the field of physical activity.

I maintain my interests in Music Psychology and Music Education through my positions as Assistant Editor of the journal Psychology of Music and as Associate Editor of the journal Music, Technology and Education.


Has expertise in:

    Music psychology

    Music education

    Analysis of accelerometer data

    Relationships between economic and social deprivation and educational attainment


Music tempo : a tool for regulating walking cadence and physical activity intensity in overweight adults?
Faulkner Maria, McNeilly Andrea, Davison Gareth, Rowe David, Hewitt Allan, Nevill Alan, Duly Ellie, Trinick Tom, Murphy Marie
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health Vol 18 (2021)
Recruitment, retention and compliance of overweight inactive adults with intermediate hyperglycaemia to a novel walking intervention
Faulkner Maria, McNeilly Andrea, Davison Gareth, Rowe David, Hewitt Allan, Nevill Alan, Duly Ellie, Trinick Tom, Murphy Marie
Obesities Vol 1, pp. 88-100 (2021)
Diurnal patterns of objectively measured sedentary time and breaks in sedentary time are associated with glycaemic indices in Type 2 diabetes
Paing Aye C, McMillan Kathryn A, Kirk Alison F, Collier Andrew, Hewitt Allan, Dunstan David, Owen Neville, Chastin Sebastien FM
Diabetic Medicine Vol 23, pp. 1074-1079 (2020)
Exploring the experience of, and attitudes towards, mobile technology to support active lifestyles in adults with type 2 diabetes
McMillan KA, Kirk A, Hewitt A, Gibson AM, Paing AC, MacRury S, Chastin SFM
Diabetes UK Annual Professional Conference, pp. 91-91 (2020)
Differences in educational attainment between obese and non-obese Kuwaiti female university students
Al Hammadi Hanouf H, Alaslawi Hamad A, Hewitt Allan, Reilly John J
Journal of Nutritional Science Vol 9 (2020)
Measuring group and individual relationship between patterns in sedentary behaviour and glucose in type 2 diabetes adults
McMillan Kathryn A, Paing Aye C, Kirk Alison F, Hewitt Allan, MacRury Sandra, Collier Andrew, Chastin Sebastien FM
Practical Diabetes Vol 37, pp. 13-18c (2020)

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My main role is Course Leader for the BSc Sport and Physical Activity degree. I am responsible for managing the timetable, all academic issues and for course admissions. I am also year coordinator for the Third Year of the degree.

I am class leader for B1123 Culture and Context, B1221 Coaching and Sport Development, B1313 Placement and Professional Development, B1479 Research Project and B1408 Practical Project in Sport and Physical Activity Development. I also contribute to B1405 Dissertation.

Research interests

My research explores the use of technology and music within physical activity and exercise, including:

  • sensorimotor synchronisation with music, in particular synchronising walking cadence (in collaboration with Perception and Action lab)
  • the use of mobile music to promote increased intensity and duration of physical activity
  • the use of ubiquitous mobile devices for activity monitoring, in particular the use of mobile accelerometry 
  • design of user interfaces for mobile applications in physical activity (in collaboration with Mobiquitous Lab)
  • the use of mobile devices and web technologies in large-scale physical activity interventions

Professional activities

Journal of Sports Sciences (Journal)
Peer reviewer
Psychology of Music (Journal)
Editorial board member
Associate Editor, Journal of Music, Technology and Education
Editorial board member
Peer reviewer, British Journal of Music Education (c. 1-2 articles reviewed per year)
Peer reviewer, Psychology of Music (c. 2-3 articles reviewed per year)

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Mobile data collection for physical activity research
Hewitt, Allan (Principal Investigator) Dunlop, Mark (Co-investigator)
This project aims to develop a series of four applications on the iTouch platform that will allow us to collect high-quality, high-frequency data on a range of physical activity measures and related to use of the music playlist. The four applications can be run synchronously, allowing the capture of both physical and auditory activity within the mobile device.
01-Jan-2010 - 31-Jan-2011

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School of Psychological Sciences and Health
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