Professor Brian Hogwood

Emeritus Professor



Testing times: exploring staged responses and the impact of blame management strategies in two examination fiasco cases
Hood C, Jennings W, Dixon R, Hogwood BW, Beeston C
European Journal of Political Research Vol 48, pp. 695-722 (2009)
Policy analysis for the real world (in Ukranian)
Hogwood Brian W, Gunn L
Exam howlers or accidents waiting to happen?
Hogwood Brian W
Risk and Regulation Vol 5, pp. 10-10 (2003)
Beyond muddling through: can analysis assist in designing policies that deliver?
Hogwood Brian W,
Modern Policy-Making: Ensuring Policies Deliver value for Money (2001) (2001)
Agencies, ministers and civil servants in Britain
Hogwood Brian W, Judge D, McVicar M, Peters G, Pierre J
Politicians, Bureaucrats and Administrative Reform (2001) (2001)
Agencies and Accountability
Judge David, Hogwood Brian W, McVicar M, Rhodes RAW
Transforming British Government (2000) (2000)

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