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Dr Narisong Huhe




Creating democratic citizens? The political effects of the Internet in China
Huhe Narisong, Tang Min, Chen Jie
Political Research Quarterly, (2018)
The evolution of political networks : evidence from the Council of the European Union
Huhe Narisong, Naurin Daniel, Thomson Robert
European Union Politics Vol 19, pp. 25-51, (2018)
With or without you? Policy impact and networks in the Council of the EU after Brexit
Huhe Narisong, Naurin Daniel, Thomson Robert
Parsing the effect of the internet on regime support in China
Tang Min, Huhe Narisong
Government and Opposition, pp. 1-34, (2017)
Institutionalizing from the middle : understanding provincial legislation and grassroots democracy in China
Huhe Narisong, Tang Min
Studies in Comparative International Development, (2017)
我国政商关系中的双重嵌入及其解释 : 基于沿海五省私营企业的实证研究
Huhe Narisong, Chen Jie
Public Policy and Governance, (2016)

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Research interests

My research is inspired by a central question: how can we understand the formation and impact of public attitude and opinion, particularly in those societies with rapid socioeconomic changes and technological advancements (e.g., the Internet and social media)?  My research, accordingly, unfolds in two different yet closely related lines. The first line of research extends my dissertation works and focuses on how various personal and contextual characteristics affect the formation of public opinion. The second then focuses on the potential impacts of new media (e.g., the Internet) on public opinion.


Mapping the Networked Socialisation of University Students in a Digital Age
Huhe, Narisong (Principal Investigator) Shephard, Mark Peter (Co-investigator)
Period 01-Mar-2018 - 01-Jan-2019

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