Dr Dominic Hunter

Research Associate



Automated machine learning strategies for multi-parameter optimisation of a aesium-based portable zero-field magnetometer
Dawson Rach, O'Dwyer Carolyn, Irwin Edward, Mrozowski Marcin S, Hunter Dominic, Ingleby Stuart, Riis Erling, Griffin Paul F
Sensors Vol 23 (2023)
Accurate optically pumped magnetometer based on Ramsey-style interrogation
Hunter Dominic, Dyer Terry E, Riis Erling
Optics Letters Vol 47, pp. 1230-1233 (2022)
Waveform reconstruction with a Cs based free-induction-decay magnetometer
Hunter Dominic, Jiménez-Martínez Ricardo, Herbsommer Juan, Ramaswamy Srinath, Li Wen, Riis Erling
Optics Express Vol 26, pp. 30523-30531 (2018)
Free-induction-decay magnetometer based on a microfabricated Cs vapor cell
Hunter D, Piccolomo S, Pritchard J D, Brockie N L, Dyer T E, Riis E
Physical Review Applied (2018)

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