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Dr Arnaud Javelle

Strathclyde Chancellor's Fellow

Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences

Personal statement

Ion Transport in Bacteria

Research in my laboratory is focused on membrane proteins involved in transport of ions across cellular membranes and in signalling processes relating to ion availability. Studies of membrane transporters/channels have had a great impact on our understanding human disease and drug design; indeed ion channels are, at present, the third biggest target classe in drug discovery and about 30% of current clinically marked drugs are targeted against these proteins.
The philosophy of my research, is to use simple and well studied bacterial model organisms, and a multidisciplinary approach to shed more light on two ubiquitous families of ion transporters both of which are conserved from bacteria to man: the ammonium transporter from the Amt/Rh family (TC 1.A.11) and the sulphate permease from the SulP/SLC26A family (TC 2.A.53).

I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


The lipid environment determines the activity of the E. coli ammonium transporter, AmtB.
Dias Mirandela Gaëtan, Tamburrino Giulia, Hoskisson Paul A., Zachariae Ulrich, Javelle Arnaud
FASEB Journal, (2018)
Merging in-solution X-ray and neutron scattering data allows fine structural analysis of membrane-protein detergent complexes
Dias Mirandela Gaëtan, Tamburrino Giulia, Ivanović Miloš T., Strnad Felix M., Byron Olwyn, Rasmussen Tim, Hoskisson Paul A., Hub Jochen S., Zachariae Ulrich, Gabel Frank, Javelle Arnaud
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters Vol 9, pp. 3910–3914, (2018)
The E. coli dicarboxylic acid transporters DauA act as a signal transducer by interacting with the DctA uptake system
Karinou Eleni, Hoskisson Paul A., Strecker Alexander, Unden Gottfried, Javelle Arnaud
Scientific Reports Vol 7, (2017)
Prestin and the good vibrations
Birke Anna, Javelle Arnaud
Biochemical journal Vol 473, pp. 2425-2427, (2016)
Conserved structure and domain organization among bacterial Slc26 transporters
Compton-Daw Emma, Page Kimberly, Findlay Heather E., Haertlein Michael, Moulin Martine, Zachariae Ulrich, Norman David G., Gabel Frank, Javelle Arnaud
Biochemical journal Vol 463, pp. 297-307, (2014)
Ammonium transport proteins with changes in one of the conserved pore histidines have different performance in ammonia and methylamine conduction
Wang Jinan, Fulford Tim, Shao Qiang, Javelle Arnaud, Yang Huaiyu, Zhu Weiliang, Merrick Mike
PLoS ONE Vol 8, (2013)

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Professional activities

University of Aberdeen (External organisation)
A potential new mechanism of active transport across biological membranes; the EfeUOB ferrous iron transport system of Escherichia coli O157;H7
External Examiner

more professional activities


Functional characterisation of membrane transporters involved in human physiopathology
Javelle, Arnaud (Principal Investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2017 - 30-Sep-2018
C4 dicarboxylic acid transporters of Corynebacterium glutamicum.
Javelle, Arnaud (Principal Investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2015 - 30-Sep-2016
Purification of ammonium transporter from the Amt/Rh protein family
Javelle, Arnaud (Principal Investigator)
Period 29-Jun-2015 - 31-Aug-2015
Enhancing industrial succinate production in Corynebacterium glutamicum
Javelle, Arnaud (Principal Investigator)
This project originates from our recent discovery of a new class of succinate transporters in Escherichia coli. It aims to elucidate the roles of these transporters in Corynebacterium glutamicum physiology to enhance succinate metabolism and increase production of industrially-useful metabolites, such as the C1-4 dicarboxylic acids. The specific aims are: - To use molecular genetic methods to produce the various C. glutamicum strains necessary for this study. - To analyse the phenotypes of the strains by phenotypic microarrays.
Period 22-Jun-2015 - 11-Sep-2015
Elucidating the mechanism of ammonium transport by the ubiquitous family of Amt/Rh protein
Javelle, Arnaud (Principal Investigator)
This study aim at elucidating 1) the structural changes associated with ammonium transporter and 2) potential functional and structural difference between Amt and Rh protein.
Period 12-Oct-2015 - 12-Dec-2015

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Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences
Hamnett Wing

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