Dr Hui-Rong Jiang


Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences


Personal statement

I received my first degree in Medicine from China Medical University and completed PhD in Immunology/Ophthalmology with Professor John V Forrester at Aberdeen University in 2001. I then joined research teams at the universities of Cambridge (Professor Jenefer Blackwell), Manchester (Paterson Institute for Cancer Research, Professor Peter Stern) and Glasgow (Professor Eddy Liew). In 2010 I joined the University of Strathclyde.

Research in my group focuses on understanding how immune cells and molecules are organised in vivo within a regulatory network during the development of autoimmune and neurological disorders, with a particular interest in multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease, and thus find those potential molecules which may be the best targets for clinical intervention.


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Anti-CD52 antibody treatment in murine experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis induces dynamic and differential modulation of innate immune cells in peripheral immune and central nervous systems
Barbour Mark, Wood Rachel, Harte Tanith, Bushell Trevor J, Jiang Hui-Rong
Immunology Vol 165, pp. 312-327 (2022)
Protease-activated receptor 2 activation induces behavioural changes associated with depression-like behaviour through microglial-independent modulation of inflammatory cytokines
Moudio Serge, Willis Ashleigh, Pytka Karolina, Abulkassim Roua, Brett Ros R, Webster Jack F, Wozny Christian, Barbour Mark, Jiang Hui-Rong, Watson David G, van Kralingen Josie C, Mackenzie Scott M, Daniels Michael, McColl Barry W, Sossick Sandra, Nuthall Hugh N, Bushell Trevor J
Psychopharmacology Vol 239, pp. 229-242 (2022)
Increased levels of IL-16 in the central nervous system during neuroinflammation are associated with infiltrating immune cells and resident glial cells
Hridi Shehla U, Barbour Mark, Wilson Chelsey, Franssen Aimee JPM, Harte Tanith, Bushell Trevor J, Jiang Hui-Rong
Biology Vol 10 (2021)
Quantification of computational fluid dynamics simulation assists the evaluation of protection by Gypenosides in a zebrafish pain model
Zhao Zhenkai, Xiao Qing, Tchivelekete Gabriel Mbuta, Reilly James, Jiang Huirong, Shu Xinhua
Physiology and Behavior Vol 229 (2021)
Quantification of the influence of drugs on zebrafish larvae swimming kinematics and energetics
Zhao Zhenkai, Li Gen, Xiao Qing, Jiang Hui-Rong, Tchivelekete Gabriel Mbuta, Shu Xinhua, Liu Hao
PeerJ Vol 8 (2020)
Interleukin-16 inhibits sodium channel function and GluA1 phosphorylation via CD4- and CD9-independent mechanisms to reduce hippocampal neuronal excitability and synaptic activity
Hridi Shehla U, Franssen Aimée JPM, Jiang Hui-Rong, Bushell Trevor J
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience Vol 95, pp. 71-78 (2019)

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I coordinate Clinical Immunology BM426; Advanced techniques in in vivo biology BM437; PG Advanced techniques in in vivo biology MP968; PG Advanced topics in immunology BM945.

I lecture on the following modules: Immunology labs BM214 and BM327;  Clinical Immunology BM426; 4th year biomedical research project BM432; Advanced techniques in in vivo biology BM437 and MP968; PG Advanced topics in immunolog BM945; Targeted cancer therapies for personalised medicine MP981; Advanced Techniques in Biomedical Research MP959; MSc Neuroscience modules and MPharm module  Management of inflammation conditions.

I supervise MSc and MSci research projects.

From 2010 to 2017, organiser of the annual British Pharmacological Society funded Immunology Summer School for undergraduates and graduates from various UK institutions. Currently I am a member of Education Expert group on Research Animal Sciences Education Scheme, organised by the Physiological Society and the British Pharmacological Society.

2014 - 2021, Deputy Academic Selector of BMS.

2021 - present, BMS 4th year coordinator.

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Investigating the potential toxicity and immunomodulatory properties of lysozyme-encapsulated nanoclusters in primary cell cultures using a 2D triple culture model of Alzheimer’s disease (Holly Brown)
Jiang, Hui-Rong (Principal Investigator) Chen, Yu (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2023 - 30-Jan-2024
RS Macdonald - Lysozyme encapsulated gold nanoclusters – a new therapeutic agent for Alzheimer’s disease
Jiang, Hui-Rong (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2023 - 30-Jan-2025
Lysozyme encapsulated gold nanoclusters – a new therapeutic agent for Alzheimer’s disease
Jiang, Hui-Rong (Principal Investigator) Chen, Yu (Co-investigator) Sakata, Shuzo (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2022 - 30-Jan-2025
ARUK Scotland Network Centre grants
Jiang, Hui-Rong (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2022 - 31-Jan-2023
Developing therapies for Alzheimer's disease
Jiang, Hui-Rong (Principal Investigator) Sakata, Shuzo (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2020 - 31-Jan-2023
Understanding the action mechanisms of gamma oscillation for AD disease
Jiang, Hui-Rong (Principal Investigator) Sakata, Shuzo (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2020 - 30-Jan-2021

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Dr Hui-Rong Jiang
Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences

Email: huirong.jiang@strath.ac.uk
Tel: 548 2620