Mr Cameron Johnstone

Senior Lecturer

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Has expertise in:

    • Marine renewable energy systems
    • Analysis of power capture, transfer and take off performance
    • Scale model testing


Tidal energy round robin tests : a comparison of flow measurements and turbine loading
Martinez Rodrigo, Gaurier Benoît, Ordonez-Sanchez Stephanie, Facq Jean-Valéry, Germain Gregory, Johnstone Cameron, Santic Ivan, Salvatore Francesco, Davey Thomas, Old Chris, Sellar Brian G
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering Vol 9 (2021)
Validation of the dynamic load characteristics on a Tidal Stream Turbine when subjected to wave and current interaction
Lloyd Catherine, Allmark Matthew, Ordonez-Sanchez Stephanie, Martinez Rodrigo, Johnstone Cameron, Germain Gregory, Gaurier Benoit, Mason-Jones Allan, O'Doherty Tim
Ocean Engineering Vol 222 (2021)
A detailed study of tidal turbine power production and dynamic loading under grid generated turbulence and turbine wake operation
Allmark Matthew, Ellis Robert, Ebdon Tim, Lloyd Catherine, Ordonez Sanchez Stephanie, Martinez Rodrigo, Mason-Jones Allan, Johnstone Cameron, O’Doherty Tim
Renewable Energy (2020)
A hybrid BEM-CFD virtual blade model to predict interactions between tidal stream turbines under wave conditions
Lombardi Nicolo, Ordonez-Sanchez Stephanie, Zanforlin Stefania, Johnstone Cameron
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering Vol 8 (2020)
Analysis of the effects of control strategies and wave climates on the loading and performance of a laboratory scale horizontal axis tidal turbine
Martinez Rodrigo, Ordonez-Sanchez Stephanie, Allmark Matthew, Lloyd Catherine, O'Doherty Tim, Gaurier Benoit, Germain Gregory, Johnstone Cameron
Ocean Engineering Vol 212 (2020)
The development, design and characterisation of a scale model Horizontal Axis Tidal Turbine for dynamic load quantification
Allmark Matthew, Ellis Robert, Lloyd Catherine, Ordonez-Sanchez Stephanie, Johannesen Kate, Byrne Carl, Johnstone Cameron, O'Doherty Tim, Mason-Jones Allan
Renewable Energy Vol 156, pp. 913-930 (2020)

More publications


Remanufacture of yaw callipers from wind turbines - dynamic loading fatigue analysis
Sillars, Fiona (Principal Investigator) Marrocco, Tiziana (Principal Investigator) Johnstone, Cameron (Principal Investigator)
03-Jan-2020 - 02-Jan-2021
Technology development towards sustainable marine current energy harvesting for coastal communities (Newton Fund Impact Scheme)
Johnstone, Cameron (Principal Investigator)
24-Jan-2020 - 23-Jan-2022
Utilising Marine Renewable Energy to Satisfy Community Energy Demands and Stimulate Socio-Economic Development with the Philippines (Newton Fund - Institutional Links)
Johnstone, Cameron (Principal Investigator)
17-Jan-2020 - 16-Jan-2022
Self-warning hybrid composite coating layer for passive visual and remote inspection of offshore wind and tidal trubine blades (CAMREG)
Jalalvand, Meisam (Principal Investigator) Johnstone, Cameron (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2019 - 31-Jan-2020
Design Feasibility Study for a Low Velocity Tidal Stream Turbine
Johnstone, Cameron (Principal Investigator)
15-Jan-2018 - 14-Jan-2019
Marine energy satisfying electrical demand and promoting economic growth in local communities Newton International Links
Johnstone, Cameron (Principal Investigator)
Marine energy satisfying electrical demand and promoting economic growth in local communities surrounding the Cozumel Channel (Newton Funds Institutional Links)
01-Jan-2018 - 31-Jan-2019

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