Dr Graeme Johnstone

Research Associate

Institute of Photonics

Personal statement

I'm a postdoctoral researcher in the nanobiophotonics group. My main project is the construction and development of a STED microscope in the physics department, with a plan to use the microscope to image nanodiamonds in biological samples. Nitrogen vacancies in the nanodiamonds can react to electric and magnetic potentials in the sample, allowing the detection of such fields from biological processes within the cells.


Efficient reconstruction of low photon count images from a high speed camera
Johnstone Graeme E, Herrnsdorf Johannes, Dawson Martin D, Strain Michael J
Photonics Vol 10 (2022)
Using an autocollimator to align 4f systems
Johnstone Graeme, Patton Brian
Nanodiamonds enable adaptive-optics enhanced, super-resolution, two-photon excitation microscopy
Johnstone Graeme E, Cairns Gemma S, Patton Brian R
Royal Society Open Science Vol 6 (2019)
Nanodiamonds and adaptive optics for deep tissue super-resolution microscopy
Johnstone Graeme
RMS Frontiers in Bioimaging 2018 (2018)
Towards using nanodiamonds for deep tissue microscopy
Johnstone Graeme
18th European Light Microscopy Initiative Meeting 2018 (2018)

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