Dr Kimberley Kavanagh

Senior Lecturer

Mathematics and Statistics

Personal statement

I am a statistician, with a 5-year chancellor’s fellowship award, collaborating with researchers, clinicians, epidemiologists and consultants in the NHS and international partners on data driven solutions to problems in public health and epidemiology.  My work has helped to shape public health policy, in particular my work evaluating the impact of the HPV vaccination has provided the evidence base for vaccine and cervical screening policy in Scotland and contributed to the international evidence base.

In light of this research, I was awarded the 2018 Royal Society of Edinburgh Sir Thomas Makdougall Brisbane Medal for recognition of my “outstanding, internationally renowned research in public health epidemiology and health informatics”.

My publications span the fields of statistics, informatics, medicine and epidemiology with publications in top-ranking journals such as Lancet Infectious Diseases and the BMJ. My statistical expertise lies in the analysis and modelling of large observational health datasets with research interest in the fields of public health epidemiology, pharmacoepidemiology and digital health.

With my research expertise, highly cited articles and high impact publications, and growing research group, I am collaborating with colleagues to create an internationally renowned centre in statistical epidemiology and health informatics, spanning the departments of Mathematics and Statistics, Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Science and Computer and Information Science.

I am an active contributor to my statistical community, elected to the Council of the Royal Statistical Society in 2014, where I currently hold the post of honorary officer for conferencing and events with responsibility for organisation and strategy of their international conference.


Dynamic prediction of patient outcomes in the intensive care unit : a scoping review of the state-of-the-art
Lapp Linda, Roper Marc, Kavanagh Kimberley, Bouamrane Matt-Mouley, Schraag Stefan
Journal of Intensive Care Medicine (2023)
A review of qualitative risk assessment in animal health : suggestions for best practice
Horigan Verity, Simons Robin, Kavanagh Kim, Kelly Louise
Frontiers in Veterinary Science Vol 10 (2023)
Pre‐pregnancy health of women with pre‐existing diabetes or previous gestational diabetes : analysis of pregnancy risk factors and behavioural data from a digital tool
Flynn Angela C, Robertson Michelle, Kavanagh Kimberley, Murphy Helen R, Forde Rita, Stephenson Judith, Poston Lucilla, White Sara L
Diabetic Medicine (2022)
HPV status and HPV16 viral load in anal cancer and its association with clinical outcome
Guerendiain Daniel, Grigorescu Raluca, Kirk Anna, Stevenson Andrew, Holden Matthew T G, Pan Jiafeng, Kavanagh Kim, Graham Sheila V, Cuschieri Kate
Cancer Medicine Vol 11, pp. 4193-4203 (2022)
Definition and classification of postoperative complications after cardiac surgery : a pilot Delphi study
Lapp Linda, Bouamrane Matt-Mouley, Roper Marc, Kavanagh Kimberley, Schraag Stefan
JMIR Perioperative Medicine Vol 5 (2022)
The physical-mental health interface during pregnancy planning
Tosh C, Kavanagh K, Flynn A, White S, Catalao R, Wilson C
European Psychiatry Vol 65, pp. S104-S104 (2022)

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Professional activities

Strathclyde Doctoral School CDTs for Chancellor’s Fellows Workshop
Royal Statistical Conference 2019
NHS National Institute for Health Research (External organisation)
Royal Statistical Society Conference Board (External organisation)
Royal Statistical Society Conference 2017
Invited speaker

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AICE AI supported picture analysis in large bowel camera capsule endoscopy (Horizon-HLTH-2021-Disease-04)
Maguire, Roma (Principal Investigator) Barry, Sarah (Co-investigator) Kavanagh, Kimberley (Co-investigator) Lennon, Marilyn (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2022 - 31-Jan-2026
panPIERS: artificial intelligence-informed time-of-disease risk assessment for women with pre-eclampsia
Kavanagh, Kimberley (Principal Investigator) Murray, Paul (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2021 - 31-Jan-2023
Statistical Modelling of Covid-19 data in Public Health Scotland
Robertson, Chris (Principal Investigator) Kavanagh, Kimberley (Co-investigator) Kleczkowski, Adam (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2021 - 31-Jan-2022
Cardiovascular disease and COVID-19: using UK-wide linked routine healthcare data to address the impact of cardiovascular disease on COVID-19 and the impact of COVID-19 on cardiovascular diseases
Bennie, Marion (Principal Investigator) Kurdi, Amanj (Co-investigator) Kavanagh, Kimberley (Co-investigator)
16-Jan-2020 - 16-Jan-2021
Cardiovascular disease and COVID-19: using UK-wide linked routine healthcare data to address the impact of cardiovascular disease on COVID-19 and the impact of COVID-19 on cardiovascular diseases
Kurdi, Amanj (Principal Investigator) Bennie, Marion (CoPI) Kavanagh, Kimberley (Co-investigator)
This was funded through the EPSRC IAA scheme with a total value of £25,131
01-Jan-2020 - 31-Jan-2020
STRAthclyde Diversity in Data LinkagE (STRADDLE) Doctoral Training Centre
Barry, Sarah (Co-investigator) Kavanagh, Kimberley (Co-investigator) Megiddo, Itamar (Co-investigator) Murray, Paul (Co-investigator) Rattray, Nicholas (Co-investigator)
The focus of the STRAthclyde Diversity in Data LinkagE (STRADDLE) DTC is to develop a centre of excellence in the linkage and analysis of data across disciplines. With an initial focus on health and healthcare delivery, STRADDLE will deliver linkage and innovative analysis of data from the molecular to population level, to achieve new insights and to maximize the value of health research data. There are 3 fully funded, 3.5 year PhD studentships are available to highly motivated UK and EU students. Successful applicants will be trained as the next generation of data scientists and develop skills and know how to deliver on the integration of diverse clinical data types – from molecules to man to populations.
01-Jan-2019 - 31-Jan-2023

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