Dr Karsten Kenklies

Senior Lecturer


Personal statement

I joined the School of Education in April 2016 from Jena University, Germany, where I was a Junior-Professor, holding the Chair for Comparative Education in the Institute for Bildung and Kultur. I worked for nearly thirteen years in Jena and (among other things) delivered History and Philosophy of Education undergraduate and postgraduate teaching there. Very much rooted in the tradition of a Hermeneutic Pedagogy, my research endeavours to unveil the systematic structures of theories and practices of education through their contextualisation (especially within the History of Ideas, Science, Philosophy and Art) and through diachronic (i.e. historical) and synchronic (i.e. intercultural) comparisons in a national and international (especially Japanese) perspective. Besides this – and linked to it by a methodological perspective framed by the notion of recognition – I am very much interested in developing a theory of Queer Education based upon modern theories of social philosophy and Queer Theory.

At the School of Education, I am involved in a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in Education Studies, especially in the History and Philosophy of Education, Foundations of Educational Theory, and Contemporary Challenges for Educational Theory and Practice. I am a co-convener of the research group "Philosophy, Education and Culture" and a member of the research group "Rights, Citizenship and Dialogue". Besides supervising a number of PhD projects, I act as course leader for the full-time master course MSc Education Studies and represent the department in the Board of Studies of the faculty.


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Research interests

Based upon research I did supported by a research fellowship that took me to Japan for 6 months (preceded and followed by regular visits), I am currently working on a series of papers that analyse theories and practices of education in pre-modern Japan to connect those ideas to modern continental concepts of Bildung and Anglo-Saxon ideas of self-formation.

Professional activities

PESA Conference 2019
WERA 2019 Focal Meeting
PESGB Gregynog Conference 2019
Globales Lehren, Postkoloniales Lehren. Perspektiven für Schule im Horizont des Globalen(Global Teaching, Postcolonial Teaching. Educational Perspectives in a Globalized World)
Die Logik der Heterogenität (The Logic of Heterogenity)
Critical Studies in Education (Journal)
Peer reviewer

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