Dr Cassandra Kist

Strathclyde Chancellor's Fellow

Computer and Information Sciences


Personal statement

From January 2024, I am a Chancellor’s Fellow in Computer and Information Sciences where I am part of the iSchool research group.

My research interests lay at the intersection between cultural heritage and digital platforms, and how their entanglement has implications for processes of social inclusion and exclusion. I am particularly passionate about understanding the implications that dialogue around digital cultural heritage can have for promoting understanding or prejudice across various socio-cultural groups.

Through these research interests I further aim to inform practice in cultural heritage institutions and broader policies around technology, heritage, and socio-cultural cohesion and division. To explore these interests and aims, my research incorporates creative and future-oriented ethnographic practices.

I highly esteem working collaboratively and have partnered with institutions such as Glasgow Museums and National Museums Scotland, and have achieved research funding for related projects. My PhD research was funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Training Network ‘POEM’ focused on understanding Participatory Memory Practices in digital contexts. I have achieved internal university funding to exchange knowledge on digital cultural heritage with colleagues at the iSchool (University of Toronto) and to collaborate with National Museums Scotland’s Collections and Digitisation Team. I have published in peer-reviewed journals and currently have a book contract based on my PhD research with Routledge. 

In 2025 I will be open to supervising PhD students that are interested in investigating cultural heritage/memory practices in digital contexts: the intersections between platform, cultural heritage, and practice and the implications for socio-cultural divisions/cohesion. I’m particularly interested in supervising students who are keen to study artificial intelligence in this area.

Prior to joining the University of Strathclyde I was a Research Assistant and Research Associate at the University of Glasgow, where I also undertook my PhD research in Information Studies. Prior to this, I worked in various cultural heritage positions and institutions including behind-the-scenes as a Herbarium Digitisation Assistant at the Royal Ontario Museum, to front-facing interpretive positions including as a Customer Service Interpreter giving tours at the Living History Museum, Fort Edmonton Park.

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Repairing online spaces for "safe" outreach with older adults
Kist Cassandra
Museums & Social Issues Vol 15, pp. 98-112 (2022)
Museum social media practices : in need of repair?
Kist Cassandra
Emerging Technologies and the Digital Transformation of Museums and Heritage Sites. RISE IMET 2021 Communications in Computer and Information Science Vol 1432, pp. 282-293 (2021)
Breaking boundaries, creating connectivities : enabling access to digitized museum collections
Kist Cassandra, Tran Quoc-Tan
Culture and Computing. Interactive Cultural Heritage and Arts. HCII 2021 Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol 12794, pp. 406-422 (2021)
Care-ful participation in museums : a review of The Museum as a Space of Social Care by Nuala Morse
Zwart Inge, Boersma Susanne, Mucha Franziska, Kist Cassandra
Museum Worlds Vol 9, pp. 208-214 (2021)
Museums, challenging heritage and social media during COVID-19
Kist Cassandra
Museum & Society Vol 18, pp. 345-348 (2020)

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Research Interests

  • Digital cultural heritage
  • User engagement/experiences with cultural heritage on digital-communications platforms
  • Personal memory practices in digital contexts
  • Digital platforms (social media/chatbots) as ‘contact zones’
  • Processes of marginalization and its intersection with digital cultural heritage
  • Digital infrastructures and infrastructuring
  • Future-oriented/creative/participatory and collaborative research methods

Professional Activities

Connecting with heritage through an (in)human touch
Engage with Strathclyde: Digital Cultural Heritage: people, data, technology
Emotions in Museums
School of graduate studies for arts and humanities workshop: from parchment to pixels
Envisioning Digital Infrastructures for Social Inclusion Work
Digital cultural heritage guest seminar

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Museum social media cultures seminar series and network
Kist, Cassandra (Principal Investigator)
The Museum and Social Media Cultures Research Network is dedicated to fostering collaborative exploration and understanding of the dynamic interplay between museums and social media platforms. Our mission is to cultivate a vibrant community of researchers committed to advancing knowledge, innovation, and best practices in this evolving intersection.

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Dr Cassandra Kist
Strathclyde Chancellor's Fellow
Computer and Information Sciences

Email: cassandra.kist@strath.ac.uk
Tel: Unlisted