Computer & Information SciencesStrathclyde iSchool Research Group

The Strathclyde Information Science Research Group spans the human-system information boundary, working across the areas of interactive information retrieval, and information behaviour. We create information solutions such as retrieval systems, search interfaces, and conversational agents for domains such as health, professional search, and cultural heritage and engage in studies on the use of information in areas such as spirituality, wellbeing, and professional life. Our goal is to help people make the most of the information available to them and much of our work is inspired by the desire to create a fairer society.

Our key strengths

  • we develop new and innovative information access systems that are responsive to human information behaviours
  • we conduct studies of information engagement across many domains and media types
  • we create innovative methodologies for exploring how people and information systems interact, including brain studies, social media analyses, and system evaluations
  • we develop approaches to analyse data, create new knowledge structures, and introduce new interface paradigms for accessing information

By RCUK income and our long-established track record of Information Science Index ranked top-quartile output, we're one of the leading Information Science research groups in the UK. We are part of the ischools iSchools organisation, which is a group of information schools dedicated to advancing the information field. Please see pure for the full listing of our research group and its activities.