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Personal statement

Dr Amy Hui Li is currently a lecturer teaching translation and interpreting at University of Strathclyde in the UK. She is also the course leader of BA in Intercultural Communication and Global Business. Amy developed a strong interest in translation as a practitioner around 2000 and published her first translated book Making It in America around that time. Then in 2003 she went to Swansea University in the UK to pursue postgraduate studies in the subject of translation. During her MA study and Ph.D research time, she continued to work as a part-time translator and interpreter in the UK, and developed a better understanding of the experience of working as a translator and the need of professional development for freelance translators and interpreters. Since 2006, she started to teach translation and/or interpreting and Mandarin language at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in HE institutions in the UK and China. Amy has a keen interest in the interrelated areas of Translation Studies, Cultural Studies and Applied Linguistics. She explored a diverse range of research topics including translation and interpreting assessment, vocabulary development and assessment and issues related to translator and interpreter training. Her recent research, in particular, is engaged with practices of linguistic and cultural translation and how the cultural and national identity of China is reconstructed through the translations.


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