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Chemical and Process Engineering

Personal statement

Biography I completed my first degree in thermal engineering in 2005 at North China Electric Power University in Beijing, China. In between 2005 and 2007, I was a Project Engineer at Taiyuan Boiler Group Co., Ltd, in Shanxi, China. I subsequently, in 2007, moved back to North China Electric Power University for Master’s study based on the National Engineering Lab for Biomass Power Generation Equipment. Then, in June 2010, I moved to Sweden and stared working on my doctoral thesis on energy engineering at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. After awarded a PhD degree in February 2014, I moved to the Systems, Power & Energy Research Division within the School of Engineering at University of Glasgow and worked there as a postdoctoral research assistant. In June 2015, I joined the chemical and process engineering department at University of Stathclyde. I have been working on energy engineering for 13 years, including 2-year industrial experience working on power generation sectors. I am a specialist on design, retrofit, installation, and operation of pulverized fuel boilers and circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boilers. I have strong CFD and process simulations skills using MATLAB, FORTRAN, ANSYS Fluent, and ASPEN Plus. I am an academic membership of International Flame Research Foundation (IFRF).


Has expertise in:

    • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling of turbulence reacting flow, multiphase flow, and heat transfer,
    • Advanced biomass fuel characterization and thermal conversion performances analysis,
    • Clean combustion technologies & applications,
    • Modelling and optimization of thermochemical processes and energy systems,
    • Techno-economic and environmental assessment of energy systems.


An integrated kinetic model to estimate the quality and composition of syngas from the supercritical water gasification of biomass
McGarvey S, Carruthers A, Li Jun, Lue Leo
28th Annual SCI-CSCST Conference (2021)
Waste carica papaya oil seed extraction : a potential feed stock for biodiesel production to achieve net zero
Asuquo Asuquo, Li Jun, Zhang Xiaolei
28th Annual SCI-CSCST Conference (2021)
Development of a carbon-based catalyst for syngas reforming to maximise hydrogen production
Mukamwi M, Somorin T, Li J, Zhang X
28th Annual SCI-CSCST Conference (2021)
Comprehensive assessment of sustainable potential of agricultural residues for bioenergy based on geographical information system : a case study of China
Zhang Jixiang, Li Jun, Dong Changqing, Zhang Xiaolei, Rentizelas Athanasios, Shen Delong
Renewable Energy Vol 173, pp. 466-478 (2021)
Comprehensive assessment of particle-scale modeling for biomass pyrolysis : one-dimensional versus three-dimensional models
Martí Rosselló Teresa, Li Jun, Lue Leo, Kärlstrom Oskar, Brink Anders
Energy and Fuels Vol 35, pp. 9937-9949 (2021)
Numerical model for the combustion of a thermal lance
Martí-Rosselló Teresa, Ray Paul, Li Jun, Lue Leo
Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research Vol 60, pp. 7788-7801 (2021)

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Currently taught modules:

  • CP533/CP969: Clean Combustion Technologies (Course Coordinator)
  • CP949: MSc Individul Project (Course Coordinator)
  • CP407: Design Project

Previously taught modules:

  • CP206: Chemical Engineering Practice 1 (Course Coordinator)
  • CP414: Particle Technology & Advanced Reactors (Course Coordinator)




Research interests

My research interest is to pioneer cost-effective and innovative ways to decarbonize energy systems, particularly focusing on opening new routes to enabling wider use of waste streams as a sustainable resource to cost-effectively produce energy, fuels, and materials, ultimately towards achieving a low-carbon circular economy. My research interests include the fundamental investigation and understanding of problems associated with the complex interactions of thermo-fluids dynamics, thermochemical processes, heat & mass transports in thermal/chemical processes, predominantly focusing on:

  • Clean bioenergy technologies, including clean combustion, gasification, pyrolysis, wet waste-to-energy. 
  • Production and utilisation of renewable hydrogen/hydrogen-rich syngas for decarbonising industry systems. 
  • Development/application of advanced computational fluid dynamics modelling of multiphase reacting fluids.
  • Development and demonstration of innovative, affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy systems.
  • Technoeconomic and environmental assessment of energy/chemical systems.

Professional activities

28th Annual SCI-CSCST Conference
Member of programme committee
Frontiers in Thermal Engineering (Journal)
Editorial board member
Leteng Lin
Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage (External organisation)
AIChE 2nd Sustainable Waste Management Conference
Member of programme committee
27th CSCST SCI Annual Conference: Sustainable Energy and Manufacturing the Future

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Doctoral Training Partnership 2020-2021 University of Strathclyde | Sait-Stewart, Robert
Li, Jun (Principal Investigator) Lue, Leo (Co-investigator) Sait-Stewart, Robert (Research Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2021 - 01-Jan-2024
Mechanisms of tar and char formation during the supercritical water gasification of biomass for hydrogen production
Li, Jun (Principal Investigator) Lue, Leo (Co-investigator) Carruthers, Andrew (Research Co-investigator)
Externally Funded PhD Studentship
01-Jan-2021 - 31-Jan-2024
Developing green heterogeneous catalysts for converting waste papaya oilseed into biodiesel
Li, Jun (Principal Investigator) Zhang, Xiaolei (Co-investigator) Asuquo, Asuquo Jackson (Research Co-investigator)
PTDF PhD Studentship (£120,000)
01-Jan-2020 - 31-Jan-2023
Sir David Anderson Bequest Award | Monitoring PM formation and predictions during biomass thermal conversions
Li, Jun (Principal Investigator) Lin, Leteng (Researcher)
10-Jan-2020 - 20-Jan-2020
Catalytic reforming of syngas hydrocarbons to maximise hydrogen production
Somorin, Tosin (Principal Investigator) Li, Jun (Co-investigator) Mukamwi, Morgen (Research Co-investigator)
Beit Trust & SEA Co-funded PhD Studentship
01-Jan-2019 - 31-Jan-2022
Investigation of thermal lance combustion in oil and gas wells
Lue, Leo (Principal Investigator) Li, Jun (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2019 - 31-Jan-2019

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Chemical and Process Engineering
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