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Dr Jun Li


Chemical and Process Engineering

Personal statement

My research focuses on biomass energy, in the area of fundamental characterization of biomass fuels, development and optimization of biomass thermochemical processes, and energy-effective applications of biomass energy in industry or energy sectors, targeting to produce heat & power, syngas, bio-oil, and solid fuels by means of thermochemical conversion technologies, i.e. combustion, gasification, pyrolysis, and torrefaction.  The research work is supported by both modelling and experimental studies.

I have expertise in CFD modelling of ignition and flame properties, multiphase interactions, reacting progress, and heat transfer, and emissions formations. Experimental studies, at high temperatures and high heating rates conditions, are used to characterize the biomass fuel on its inherent properties, kinetics, and performances of thermochemical processes. 


Has expertise in:

    I have expertise in assessment of thermal conversion behaviors of biomass and waste feedstock; experimental characterization of solid, gas and liquid products from thermal conversions of biomass and waste feedstock; kinetic evaluation of thermal conversions of solid fuel at varying ranges of temperatures and heating rates; kinetic evaluation of release of alkali metals during biomass combustion and prediction of ash related slagging and fouling. I also have extensive experience in the numerical simulations of reacting flow, heat transfer and energy system with particular interest in the application areas of biomass energy, clean fuel technologies, thermal process and heat recovery.

    My expertise is broadly covering the following areas:

    • Numerical simulation of turbulence reacting flow, multiphase flow, and heat transfer,
    • Biomass fuel characterization and thermal conversion performances analysis,
    • Clean combustion technologies & applications (i.e. flameless, volumetric,  and oxyfuel combustion),
    • Analysis and optimization of thermochemical processes and energy systems,
    • Techno-economic and environmental assessment of energy systems.


Experimental study on the ignition characteristics of cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin and their mixtures
Cao Wenhan, Li Jun, Martí-Rosselló Teresa, Zhang Xiaolei
Journal of the Energy Institute, (2018)
Quantitatively modelling kinetics through a visual analysis of the derivative thermogravimetric curves : application to biomass pyrolysis
Martí-Rosselló Teresa, Li Jun, Lue Leo
Energy Conversion and Management Vol 172, pp. 296-305, (2018)
Study on the ignition behavior and kinetics of combustion of biomass
Cao Wenhan, Li Jun, Lue Leo
Energy Procedia Vol 142, pp. 136-141, (2018)
Kinetic analysis of biomass pyrolysis with a peak temperature method
Marti Rossello Teresa, Li Jun, Lue Leo
The 25th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, (2017)
Kinetic models for biomass pyrolysis
Martí Rosselló Teresa, Li Jun, Lue Leo
Archives of Industrial Biotechnology Vol 1, pp. 4-7, (2016)
Release of alkali metals during biomass thermal conversion
Cao Wenhan, Li Jun, Lue Leo, Zhang Xiaolei
Archives of Industrial Biotechnology Vol 1, pp. 1-3, (2016)

more publications


CP206: Chemical Engineering Practice 1

CP414: Particle Technology & Advanced Reactors

CP407: Design Project

CP533: Clean Combustion Technologies



Research interests

  • Development of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) methods of thermal/chemical processes.
  • Biomass characterization:fuel properties, kinetics, ignition, thermal conversion behaviour.
  • Biomass combustion & co-firing: large percentage biomass substitutions; ash related problems and aerosol formations.
  • Second generation biofuels production & upgrading by torrefaction, pyrolysis,  gasification, and synthesis.
  • Integrated energy systems: biomass and solar system combination; co-processing biomass/bio-oil in oil refinery; advanced clean combustion technologies
  • Ash related challenges: release mechanism and kinetics of alkali metals; removal of inherent alkali metals at fuel processing stage.

Professional activities

Workshop on Agricultural Biomass Waste -Utilisation Routes

more professional activities


Chemical and Process Engineering
James Weir Building

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